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wisdom for newbies s/o hs pre-k

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I'd love for the experienced moms to expand on this:


"Even when my oldest was in 4th grade, I remember going to a workshop held by our homeschool group that dealt with organization, time-management, home-management, cooking, guiding us to bathe those areas in prayer, etc. They were so valuable to me at the time and really helped to inspire me to keep going. I remember very clearly listening to the struggles and advice of these godly women/role models who were doing the thing and had been doing the thing for a long time. That was so very helpful to me."

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I'm not sure what you are looking to discuss~Is it that moms who have been homeschooling for a while are still needing tips in home management?


Something to consider, is that every year is a new year with new challenges.

I added new babies for several years, which always messed up my schedule :lol:, and then having dc in multiple levels, exploring outside activities, etc., I really needed to know someone had gone ahead of me and learned a thing or two that they could share to help my days go by easier.


I'm no Terri Maxwell, nor will I ever be remotely like her, but it was so encouraging to listen to her share her struggles and solutions to homeschooling a large family. I still pull out her book to read even though I have no intention of following her schedule. ;)


Not sure if I'm addressing your question so I'll stop now...

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Since that was a quote from myself in the pre-k thread, I'll offer some input from the homeschool group I was involved in.


Monthly, we had highly-attended meetings where a different homeschool mom would speak on a different topic. Truly, this was a precious group that was definitely filled with and led by women who put a lot of prayer and heart into it and God's Spirit was all over it!!! I've yet to experience anything like it since I moved away from that area. I didn't know how blessed it was until I moved away and found myself looking for something similar!! It has been 5 years and I've given up the search. :sad:


About the meetings: One mom had a small business, homeschooled her children and was an organizational guru. She had great ideas for keeping her youngers occupied, color-coding, time management, budgeting for curriculum, planning for school, etc. There was another mom who was a prayer warrior. She shared experiences of the Lord guiding her in prayer for each of her children (that was one of my absolute favorites!!!) Once we had a panel of about 5 homeschool moms and we all asked them questions. It was such a great thing because there were answers across the spectrum that were helpful to all. There were discussions about things like curriculum, college planning, courtship, learning styles, the individual character qualities of children, organization, cooking, cleaning, marriage, Bible study, prayer.

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