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Wii Dance Mat Question

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My grandmother sent the kids Just Dance Kids for Christmas. When I first saw it on Amazon, I thought it said something about a dance mat, which I thought would be great for the littles.


It came today, & there's no mat. It does work with the controllers, but I'd like to know IF it *could* work w/ a mat. I can't find that info anywhere.


If it does...there are an awful lot of mats. Are they all compatible? My ils are getting Active Life for ds for his birthday. It comes w/ a mat. (Which is probably where I got confused w/ JDK in the 1st place!) Would that mat be likely to work w/ this game?


I'd really like 2yo & 3yo to feel included & hopefully burn some energy, but they're clueless w/ the remotes. Really...I might just give them fake remotes until they can manage the real ones. But I liked the idea of them jumping around on an electronic mat.


Huh. I probably should have gone into lab rat science. :tongue_smilie::lol:

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