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Name this site....


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Is it Christian Liberty Press? I know they use MCP math in the elementary grades. Good Luck!




Nope...that's not it.


I remember having two options to choose from for one or two subjects with little drop down menu for those. Like that really helps any, but it's in my head :)

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....b/c I can't remember what it is!


It's blue and gold mostly. Has full grade level sets. I think it uses MCP for math. Christian. I think there is a family photo on the home page. Oh my...this is vague...I know. Driving me nuts though!


:lol::lol: I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh, but your question is cracking me up.


Are you my long-lost twin? This sounds JUST like something I would say.


In fact, I've said it. ;)

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