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Can you suggest a map workbook for a 6th grader?

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DS has always done a Scholastic Success with Maps workbook each year (Jan.-March) to help prepare of the Stanford Achievement Test in April. It looks like that series ends at 5th grade though. I'm looking for something like it that can be done in 5-10 min. a day, and mostly finished by test time. Does anyone have a suggestion for me? :)

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We are using Maps, Charts and Graphs from Modern Curriculum Press. It looks like they have levels up through Grade 8.


We used these, too. They are fairly flexible, too, if you would prefer one area of the world focus over another. Middle school students could pretty interchangeable use:

level F (approx. gr. 6) = Eastern Hemisphere

level G (approx. gr. 7) = The World

level H (approx. gr. 8) = U.S. Past and Present


In addition, we used the more meaty, analytical, and more in-depth geography/maps workbook in grades 6-8: Carson-Dellosa "Discovering the World of Geography" (grade 6/7) and (grade 7/8)



BEST of luck in finding what works best for your family! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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Have you looked at the Trail Guide to World Geography? This is what we have selected for 6th grade. I can't recommend it yet because we're not quite there, but I have it and all the maps. They are great maps, the questions are great, and the accompanying DVD has all the workbook / notebook pages you could want, plus printable maps. I have used the printable maps and they are good.

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