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IEW Student B vs. Hands-On Essays? (I need 7th grade writing help.)

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Quick question about IEW, do I need the Teachers package? IEW is expensive. I have NOT considered it until now because of the price and because *I* feel that this type of writing was unnecessary for my young children, but now....


I haven't seen Hands-On Essays in person, but I like the samples I've seen online.


My oldest is getting ready to move up to the 7th grade BJU grammar/writing book. I, however, have reservations about the writing portions and wonder if we need more "hand-holding".


I am also considering Writing Strands, but it seems as though one loves it and the other loathes it. :001_huh:


I'm open to ideas and suggestions. If I don't stay with BJU, I'll switch to Easy Grammar. (we've used it in the past)


Help! (should I cross-post?)

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I have been pretty comfortable teaching writing in the past. I had the opportunity to use someone else's TWSS and someone's SWI-B this year. I have not seen the other program you are speaking of, but I can't say enough good things about IEW. I'm a complete convert and a fan. The price tag kept me from buying it the last few years that others sang the praises... I thought, "Seriously... They are DVDs!! How can THAT be worth $100+ on curriculum. I'll watch them once, be done with it, and have wasted that amount on writing DVDs." I can honestly say now that I've had the opportunity to use/see/teach with them, I'm buying a set for myself. :iagree:

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I used Hands-On Essays last year and loved it. I'm using SWI-B and TWSS this year and love it even more! Hands-On Essays is wonderful for a child who loves to write. TWSS and SWI do such a wonderful job of helping the teacher know how to help the student. It's 'fault' of being formulaic is it's strength for a math-minded teacher and/or student. It teaches writing one step at a time, teaching both structure and style. If you follow the plan, you would teach one type of writing per month (or there about) and fill in with style techniques as the child is ready. Both are great, but Hands-On Essays is $50+ and only teaches essays. IEW teaches all the basic types of writing.


HTH :)

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