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I know this has been asked before but explain Kindle/Nook.

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With most dedicated ereaders, you just read ebooks on them. Some of them allow limited web browsing and some play mp3 files, but they're designed for reading books. Some have 3G or wifi so you can download books directly to your device, and others require that you transfer ebooks from your computer. You can get ebooks in lots of places. Amazon has the largest selection of ebooks for sale, but you can't read library books on Kindle. All the readers allow you to put out-of-copyright books on them and read them for free and there are many places where you can download free ebooks.


As for brands, there are many, and all the brands have different sizes and features available. B&N's Nook has a color version for $250, but it also has an eink only version for about the same price as Kindle. Both Nook and Kindle have wifi and 3G versions. Kindle has the 6-inch eink devices, but also a larger-screen Kindle DX. Sony has three different readers of different sizes; only its largest has internet access. All these readers allow books to be transferred from the computer instead of wirelessly if you like.


Many dedicated readers use eink for their display. Many people think it's easier to read for a long time on an eink device, but others don't care. Sony Readers and Kindle use the newest version of eink, and Nook uses an older version. There currently are no devices available with color eink. If it is color, it is not eink.


We love our ereaders because we're always on the move. But even if we stayed put, I'd love them because they're so convenient (especially for checking books out of the library). I'll always love real books, but ereaders can be wonderful.

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Just got my Kindle for Christmas this year and I'm now wondering how I ever lived without it!


I love that I can read several books at once and whenever I go anywhere, I don't have to bring 3 or 4 books with me, just my kindle.


I love that I can go wireless and download books directly from Amazon.


I love that I can go on Facebook and check my e-mail with it when I need to.


I love that I can download music onto it and listen to music or mp3 versions of books if I want.


I love that it's easy on my eyes and in glaring sunlight I can still easily read the screen without a glare or seeing my reflection on it.


So great. It's truly something I see myself using every day forever!

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