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Rules Tunes and more PR (Phonics Road) questions

Karen in CO

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I'm looking at PR. Are the Rules Tunes included in each level only the tunes for that level or is there a comprehensive set of tunes?


I'm looking at PR for my youngest, but want a faster way of teaching my 10yo strong reader the rules and such. I think SWR is the answer for the older, but I'd like a second opinion on her.

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I have PR Levels 1 and 2 and the Rules Tunes list for PR1 is not complete - I'm not sure if PR2 is complete or not. I'm doing The Bridge with an older student and purchased it used and had no rules tunes for it so I'm using the PR2 list and so far haven't run into any that are missing but we're only about have way through. I'm guessing that it's not complete just because the grammar in PR2 isn't as complete as the grammar in The Bridge.


As far as your 10yo goes, I'm accelerating my current 10yo through the PR program. We started PR1 in the summer and he is now on Week 5 of PR2. We went through PR1 at a really fast clip only slowing down for the more complicated building codes and did basically a week's worth of work in one day. Now we are doing two days work every day (more or less!). He is a very strong reader but I have an eighth grader that still struggles with spelling and I've just decided that I don't ever want to go through that again if I can help it. I'm planning to finish PR2 with him this year and maybe start PR3. For what it's worth, I'm also accelerating my eighth grader through just the spelling lists so for your 10yo, you could just do the spelling if you think the grammar/composition too simple and use seperate programs for those parts.


I do own SWR but find PR much easier to use. I was never confident with SWR but the DVD's with PR are a great help.



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Hi :) You'll have everything by PR2.


There are a few ways to accelerate using PR. I've suggested to others they use the spelling lists without the rest of the program (unless you want to add dictation) and teach the markings and Rule Tunes. This is what I did with my older children when we remediated. Honestly, PR3 picks up w/ a 16-week review of Levels 1&2, so you can start there, or since you will have the other levels for your other dc, then you can just as well start there. We made our own set of phonics cards on notecards using the blue and red pencils and we were off.


It worked. My eldest, who is now 15, once struggled with spelling. It was always his only area of weakness. The nemesis was defeated after spending one summer remediating through PR3 spelling words, learning markings and songs. Initially, he made the ugly face about singing the songs, but they caught on and now he annoys me by singing the songs for the Little League when I say, "Which Rule Tune tells us to use 2 s's in this word?" "Don't give it away!"

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