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Need help from the minimalists among us

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I have boxes and boxes of children's clothes. I don't want to save them all -- there are way too many! But I'm still at the point where I want to be prepared in case of another baby.


So, minimalists, pretend you're going to go shopping in my basement for baby clothes up to 12 months. What would you choose? I'm going to be brave and follow your list, and then sell the rest.

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I was in the same situation about 3 years ago. I got bankers boxes that were sturdy and had lids and I labeled them by size and kind of garments - for instance, Boys, Size 3T, Tops. Then I took the clothes we had and chose the best pieces from those to fill the boxes. Once the box was full, everything else was gotten rid of.


That leaves quite a bit of clothes when you are dealing with little sizes, so it may actually be too much if you are really trying to cut down.


It worked for us though because we had an attic to store them in. They were put away stacked by size, easy to grab when necessary.


When we had our last baby, a son, I got rid of 17 boxes of girls' baby clothes because this one is our last little one. I didn't realize how much I actually had until I sorted into the boxes. Before that, everything had been in bags and just been tossed into the attic unorganized and difficult to ever use.



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Sort by size. Keep onesies and footed sleepers. If you have more than a dozen in each size, keep the nicest. Pick out your two favorite outfits per size. If you still have room in your box, pick your next favorite.


If you use cloth diapers keep them. (If you have flat or prefold diapers, they make great cleaning rags.) Keep your crib sheets and favorite blankets. The older ones are softer than new.


Sell or give away the fussy outfits your other children never wore.

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I'd focus on onsies, sleepers and blankets/sacques. Enough for a couple of changes per day, and 7 days worth. (So maybe 2-3 onsies with pants, 2 sleepers and 3 blankets for each of 7 days.) For the first year, I'd save this much in each size. Get rid of anything that is stained, tired looking, not unisex, or "trendy". I tended to avoid shoes, hair bows and all the "accessories" for babies, but if you have them, I'd get rid of those too. If there was still room (because you have decided how much room you can devote to baby stuff, right? Like maybe one or two plastic bins--with the lids *on* :D) I'd add in cute stuff--a few dresses or suits. Stuff that I just couldn't part with for sentimental reasons is already stored in another bin at my house, so that might be something to consider. If a baby is a definate possibility, then I would save this much. If this is "just in case" I might try to limit myself to one bin, plus one of sentimental stuff.

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