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Another question on MIT Open Course Software... more general information need

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I've heard about MIT online and the thread about Chinese finally peaked my interest enough for me to look at it.


Does anyone here USE the MIT Open Course Software for any subjects? What subjects?


Do you view the videos or listen to the audios as supplements? Do you buy the recommended textbook and use MIT-OCS as your whole curriculum?


Under "Introduction to Biology" I found an assignment on cells that will work well with our Apologia text.


Please tell me HOW you use MIT-OCS! (I've read the post in the Chinese thread... Is that how you would use it for ANY course?)


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Bumping for you, because I am interested as well.


I'm currently using their Writing About Literature course, but I suppose it really doesn't apply to your question considering it is self-education.


The course I use though, all the readings can be found online (Twelfth Night, Turning of the Screw, Herman Melville literary works). There are only essay assignments. No tests or videos or notes.


It is very bare bones, so also very easy to follow and add to.


Instead of two 1 1/2 hour sessions/week, I take whatever was going to be worked on for one session, and spread it over a whole week.


With the essay assignments, my mother or I can simply grade them by using a rubric found online.


I don't use this for a class credit however. I use it for part of my English credit (composition).


I'm :bigear: for what others have to say.

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Ds did Introduction to Biology (7.012) as a complete course. We got the recommended textbooks (used) on Amazon. Ds watched and took notes on the video lectures, and did the reading assignments and problem sets according to the class schedule that was provided (at least that was the plan--we had some delays getting one of the supplementary texts and then some other home issues that set us back a month). Ds used the Practice exams for real exams, and I graded using the solutions they provided (not the easiest thing in the world as the material was way over my head. Fortunately ds is extremely bright and impeccably honest and could tell when his answer matched theirs and when it didn't.)


We chose this course because it seemed to be one of the more complete ones out there--with all the lectures, problem sets, practice exams and solutions provided. It was challenging though, and we hired a grad student from a local medical school as a tutor, so ds had someone to go to with questions.



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