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bad sore throat, bad cough YC(yucky content)

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Gargle with warm salt water. You can get an actual throat infection that needs antibiotic so if it doesn't get better, you might need it checked on.


The green concerns me. Green indicates infection to me. Orange could be that there is blood mixed in. You could have a sinus infection. Or if the green is coming up from your lungs, it could be pneumonia.

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This is going around. We've all had it and it lasted forever.



Sinus headache

NO fever



Horrible sore throat

Stuffy/runny nose



The sore throat goes away and the cough starts. (My son actually got croup, but the rest of us just had a cough).


I take my kids to the doctor if they started out with a normal cold but it progresses into a high fever. If they are lethargic, if they are having trouble breathing (I can handle a lot of it b/c they are asthmatic), or if they are complaining of a specific pain (ear, throat) that lasts longer than 3 days.

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There is a virus going around: Very sore swollen throat, headache, no or low fever.


I'm with Jean, though, the green and orange mucus concerns me. I had the virus before Christmas, but without yucky mucus. I'd head to the doc.






I wonder if this is what my son has. He had a headache for about 3 days, now it is a very sore throat. No fever so far. We are going for a strep test tomorrow since we are involved in so many activities around kids.

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