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s/o. For those of us who have already made lists...

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Well I know we'll move on to Singapore Math 2 and 4, FLL 2, and WWE 2 & 4 (or my own version of it).


Still debating on FLL4 or something more independent. However, knowing now that the next level will be out soon tempts me to stick with it.


SOTW1...I think. Toying with MFW ECC, but it might be "too much". I'd like to keep it simple and actually do everything next year.


RSO...biology maybe? If we ever finish Earth & Space this year, that is! DS wants chemistry, but I'm not sure DD1 will be ready. We'll see.


Maybe LFC A, if DD1 is ready. She'll be a young 2nd grade, so we'll see.


Maybe La Clase Divertida 2.




I guess I'm still pretty undecided, but I have direction...lol.

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I only have one student, so I'm getting off easy:



Writing - Begin HWT cursive, if he still wants it; Writing Strands #3; various writing projects and book reports.

Grammar - FLL 3 with workbook

Spelling - Spelling Workout (continue with curriculum; currently in book C)

Reading - Weekly trips to library for fun, age-appropriate classics, assorted assigned reading for various supplemental purposes



Math - Math-U-See (continue with curriculum, currently in Gamma)

History - SOTW 3 with activity book and test booklet

Science - Still up in the air but leaning heavily toward Elemental Science Chemistry



Language - Complete Minimus followed by Lively Latin; Le Francais Facile Jr. followed by Le Francais Facile

Music - Piano

Art - Artistic Pursuits

Computer literacy - Typing proficiency, begin teaching use of Microsoft Office programs

Logic - Logic Safari followed by...?

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For DS (will be 6 & doing 1st grade), I need to buy...

SOTW 2 revised ed

WWE 2 workbook


RightStart C

Miquon Red & Blue

A bunch of supplemental books for science & history--that list is incomplete as of yet


For DD (all over the board in ability), I need to buy...

LoF Trig

AoPS Geometry

MCT ML1/WWW1 level

(maybe) Bravewriter

Spectrum Chemistry

Excavating English

Mapping the World With Art

All About Spelling Level 6 (and Level 7, when it's released)

I haven't figured out her literature yet

A lot of CDs for music appreciation

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Generally the kids are just moving to the next level of what they're already doing.


Math: Saxon

English: Rod and Staff English, Pentime Penmanship, Introduction to Logic ~ Intromediate Logic

Latin: Oxford Latin (9th grade) or Lively Latin (Younger children)

History: History Odyssey (5th grade +) or SOTW (3rd grade)

Science: Apologia (7th grade +) or McGraw-Hill Science (1-6 grade)

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For second grade dd:


A Little Garden Flower second grade

Classical Writing Primers

All About Spelling 3

The Sentence Family

Right Start B/C

Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding

Prima Latina/Minimus

La Clase Divertida 2

Faith and Life 2/First Communion prep


For kindergarten ds:

A Little Garden Flower kindergarten


All About Reading (and maybe start AAS)

MEP 1/Miquon

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Here's my list in progress...


Jared (grade 3 in the fall)

Math - Singapore 4

Language Arts:

Reading - Need to put together a reading list!

Grammar - FLL 4

Spelling - AAS 5

Writing - WWE 4

Penmanship - HWT Cursive

Science - Chemistry, but no clue what...

History - SOTW III

Art - Atelier 2/3 (yep, we have neglected formal art somewhat)

Music - Musicplay 3

Health - continue teaching healthy eating, good hygiene, etc

PE - Gymnastics and swimming at the Y

Language - Continue Spanish lessons with grandparents (FIL is from Chile)

Start Latin (no clue which program to use, though)


Hannah (grade 2 in the fall)

Math - MUS Gamma

Language Arts:

Reading - Need to put together a reading list!

Grammar - FLL 4

Spelling - AAS 3

Writing - WWE 4

Penmanship - HWT Cursive

Science - Chemistry, but no clue what...

History - SOTW III

Art - Atelier 2/3

Music - Musicplay 3

Health - continue teaching healthy eating, good hygiene, etc

PE - Gymnastics, swimming, ballet at the Y

Language - Continue Spanish lessons with grandparents (FIL is from Chile)

Start Latin (no clue which program to use, though)


Nathan (PK - 4yo in the fall)

Math - Singapore Earlybird 1A-2B

Language Arts:

Reading - Finish The Reading Lesson and BOB books

Grammar - Mad Libs when we play during long car rides

Spelling - none

Writing - none

Penmanship - HWT K

Science - Chemistry with the olders, but no clue what...

History - SOTW III with the olders

Art - Atelier 2/3

Music - Musicplay 3

Health - continue teaching healthy eating, good hygiene, etc

PE - Gymnastics and swimming at the Y

Language - Continue Spanish lessons with grandparents (FIL is from Chile)

Start Latin (no clue which program to use, though)

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Mostly the next level of what we are using now:


Singapore 2 and 4





SOTW Vol. 2 (if we finish 1 this year:tongue_smilie:)

Apologia Astronomy (already purchased)

Maybe adding Latin, at least for my oldest who will be 5th grade next year

Probably Logic for DS1 as well, but do not know where to start with that :tongue_smilie:

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I've finished planning and have moved on to scheduling. :hurray:


I'll have children in 8th, 6th, 2nd and K.



Math: Singapore, Life of Fred, Art of Problem Solving


English: Galore Park, Classical Writing, Michael Clay Thompson, Memoria Press, Hooked on Phonics, handwriting workbooks


Latin: online classes


Greek: online classes


French: Galore Park


Science: Galore Park, Oak Meadow, Teaching Company (maybe For Sea)


History/Lit: Trail Guides to Learning, TRISMS, Teaching Company, Kolbe, Excellence in Literature


Humanities: Galore Park, Mapping the World with Art, online classes


Religion: online classes

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I love reading these lists!!!


Okay, for us. Next year will be our first year reporting, so I'm a little nervous.


Jenna: (5.5 at the start of the year. Officially kindergarten, unofficially 1st grade)


Subjects required by state:


English -

Literature: We read 30 minutes a day, will continue. Just reading a bunch of good books.

Spelling: continuing with AAS

Math - will be continuing with Singapore and Miquon. Currently in 1A, will probably be halfway through 1B by the end of this year, so 1B-2A for next year.

Science - Elemental Science Biology

Social Studies - SOTW 1

Art - Unsure if I'm going to design the program myself or get a prepackaged curriculum.

Music - self-designed music appreciation, recorder

Health - I'll probably just pick up Abeka's health book for something quick and easy. But we cover "health" everyday.

Physical Education - dance, soccer, maybe cheerleading.



French - finish L'Art De Dire, maybe do Le Francais Facile Jr? It'll be mostly repeating information, but could be a good review. DD won't be old enough for any of the other french programs I've found. I'll eventually start L'Art de Lire, but that's for grades 3-up.

Spanish - Might do La Clase Divertida. DD is doing really well with French and has expressed a strong interest in learning Spanish also. I'll wait until it's closer to next year and see. We might really focus on French for the first semester, and then start Spanish the second.

Logic - finish Lollipop Logic, move on to Primarily Logic.

Religion - Thinking about the new program from PHP. It looks like something we'd enjoy.

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Next year I'll have:


Ds, 3rd grade:

Math--Horizons 3 and Math Mammoth

Latin--Latin for Children A

Composition/Grammar--Classical Writing Aesop A

and Composing Sentences (Kilgallon)

Spelling--Spelling Workout (determining which level now)

Classical Studies--Memoria Press's Famous Men of Greece

Literature--Black Ships Before Troy

The Wanderings of Odysseus


DD, 1st Grade

Math--Horizons 1 and Math Mammoth 1


Composition--WWE 1

Grammar--FLL 1/2

Spellling--Spelling Workout A

Literature--Blue and Red Fairy Book, various other fairy tale collections


They will do together:

Bible--A Bible Study Guide For All Ages *or* the new Olive Branch Books Bible study just published.


Science--NOEO Chemistry and GEMS kits

Nature journals


History--US History I, cobbled together by me, largely literature based, with Mem. Press's new edition of the Guerber US histories for the spine and Homeschool in the Woods' Time Travellers series, History Pockets and various craft books for "fun."


Geography--Beautiful Feet's American Geography using Holling C Hollling books.


And maybe some random logic workbooks from The Critical Thinking Co.

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Math-Continue Singapore

Reading-Continue Scott Foresman reading series for comprehension practice, plus literature related to history and lots of free reading

Handwriting-Copywork and HWOT cursive

Latin-Continue LfC/Minimus combo, with LfC B/Minimus Secundus

Other-Lab science class, Ballet, cheerleading/tumbling, piano


Changing next year-

Greek-Hey Andrew, mostly because I don't think DD is ready for GfC yet.

Spanish-Spanish for Children. DD's enjoyed Elementary Spanish, but I don't feel like she's learning much new.

Science-AIMS just plain didn't work. Too much work for mommy to set up experiments that get downright boring to repeat. We've ended up mostly reading books from the library. I'm looking for a good spine, something like SOTW for Science, where we could read about a subject and then get resources and come up with activities to try together.


History-DD wants to do American History. She's enjoyed CHOW and Sonlight for Ancients, but I'm not sure about a lot of the literature selections for Core 3, so I'm thinking I'll use the spine and put together my own booklists.


Music-DD is finishing Kindermusik this year, and I want to find some sort of group class to accompany piano lessons since she really likes the group, maybe a good children's choir?


Starting new-


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We are starting 1st grade in the fall:


Bible - BJU Bible Truths 1

Math - Singapore 2a and Horizons 3, CWP

Science - continuing Noeo Chemistry I

LA- ETC, BJU Spelling, various readers we have

American History - continuing Sonlight materials (spines and readers) and other project/resource stuff


And of course, lots of read alouds, crafty-crafts and play and fun!

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Guest momk2000

Grade 1


Adventures in Phonics Level B w/ CLP readers

MFW Grade 1 Bible Reader

Writing With Diligence (CLP)

Horizons Spelling & Vocab.

Horizons Math

A Beka Social Studies

McRuffy Science

A Beka Health

God & Me Devotional

Art & Music - Not using a formal curriculum for these.

Lots and lots of library books


Grade 5


MFW CTG - Bible, History, Art, Music

Oak Meadow 5 - Science

A Beka Health

BJU English

Building Spelling Skills (CLP)

Vocab. From Classical Roots

Mosdos Lit.

Teaching Textbooks 6

Learnables Spanish

Library books

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Ok here is my list so far:


ds1 (3rd)

HOD Bigger Hearts(everything scheduled)

Singapore 3a/3b


R&S grammar(not sure yet if it will be 2 or 3)

AAS 3 along with dictation from Bigger

Apologia Zoology 2(with my dh)

Stories of Great Composers

Draw and write through history 4/5

Latin's Not so tough level 3(or maybe something else not sure yet)

Still need to figure out something for Spanish, and Artist study.


dd1 (1st)

HOD Beyond if she is ready we will see this fall

If not I will just pick some books to read to her, and get her some science kits.

Singapore 1a/1b

A reason for handwriting A

All about Spelling 1

Reading Made Easy(finish up where we leave off)

Start HOD emergent readers when she is ready

She will join my ds for composer, and artist study


dd2 (preschool)

HOD Little Hearts


ds2 (tot school)

He will play with any and all of our educational toys

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2nd Grader:


Math: Singapore 3B/4A, Miquon Yellow/Purple, Horizons finish 3 and into 4, Zaccaro's PCM


LA: SWR, FLL2, WWE2, SL Readers Int/Adv


History/Geo/Lit: Finish Core 1, Start Core 2 + Geo supps


Art: ICDAT, AP K-3 Book 1


Logic: Continue CTA: K-3


Science: Noeo Physics 1


Latin: Prima Latina


Bible: Vos? and SL




Math: Horizons K and Miquon Orange, Singapore PM1 and Miquon Red when finished


LA: SWR, CF, DEL, SL Readers 2, FLL1?


Literature/Science/Bible: SL P4/5


Plus tagging along with brother in art, science and Latin when he wants


Ummm... I think that's all I have planned.

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Grade 8

Bob Jones Heritage Studies 8

Bob Jones Science 7 (we want to do life science otherwise we'd go with 8th)

Bob Jones Grammar and Writing 7 (I prefer to back up a little in this department)

Bob Jones Literature 7

Bob Jones Math 6 (this is my struggling math learner, hopefully we can double up and start Bob Jones Math 7 too)


Spanish 1 via Bob Jones

Writing-Pattern Based Writing or Easy Classical's writing program based on IEW.

Spelling- Not sure yet

Bible-Bob Jones


Grade 6


Bob Jones for History, Science, Penmanship, Spelling, Math, Grammar/Writing and Bible

Latin-Latin for Children Primer A


Grade 4 & 5 Combining my two middle students as much as possible


History-Easy Classical History OT

Science-Easy Classical

Grammar, Writing, Spelling, Logic, Bible and Latin-Easy Classical 3rd

Penmanship-A Reason for Writing

Math-Bob Jones 5 and Bob Jones 4 (only area where they will split :D)


Grade 3 and 1

I'm combining in most areas except phonics and math

Math- McRuffy 3 and McRuffy 1

Spelling, Writing, Grammar, Bible and Latin- Easy Classical 1st grade Main Schedule

Phonics 1- for my 1st grader; not sure, may go with Saxon 1, BJ1 or PP

Phonics- fro my 3rd grader may use PP or Saxon 2

History-Easy Classical OT (combined with the 3rd & 4th)

Science-Easy Classical (combined with 3rd and 4th)


That was fun ;) I like seeing thing written out.


For sure we will use Bob Jones for my 6th and 8th graders.


I'm almost sure the rest will use too. I like how Easy Classical is set up. The only thing that may change is Science for the younger grades 1-5. If it will be easier for me I may choose 1 level of Bob Jones Science for all and use it as a read aloud.


That's the plan :)

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My son will be graduating this year from high school, so I'll be down to one child:


11th grade


Sonlight Core 100 US History

Apologia Advanced Biology (human anatomy)

Wordly Wise Vocab

Easy Grammar

Computer Science

Intro to Logic

Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2

Personal Finance (Dave Ramsey)


She's auditioning to get into here: http://www.fineartscenter.net for theatre. If that doesn't pan out, she will be auditioning for various local children's theatres throughout the school year. And will be singing in our church choir, working in the church nursery, etc.

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Tapestry of Grace year 2

Discovery Streaming Elementary Spanish

Artistic Pursuits 2

Either God's Design Science (heaven and earth series) or a co-op class every other week with RS4K chemistry and/or physics on the off weeks.


2nd/3rd grader

BJU math 3

Growing W/ Grammar 3

Megawords 1

A Reason for Handwriting C


1st grader

ETC books 3 and 4

Growing with Grammar 1 (Starting mid-year)

Handwriting w/o tears

BJU math 1

All About Spelling (last half of book 1 and start book 2)



Handwriting w/o tears

ETC A, B, and C

Singapore Earlybird A

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Well, it isn't set in stone, but here is our prelim:


Sonlight Core 5

SL Core 5 LA

Spelling Power (not set yet, but leaning this way)

Easy Grammar

IEW for writing along with Core 5 writing



2nd grader- Singapore

6th grader- Teaching Textbooks

7th grader- undecided


Extra Curricular:

Tae Kwon Do

Cub/Boy Scouts



Science: No idea!

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Ugh. It's changing everyday right now!


DS - 1st grade


Saxon Math (new level) or Abeka (repeat level, different curr.), depending on how solid I'm feeling after Saxon this year....


Language Arts programs I'm throwing around:

First Language Lessons 1 and/or 2 or Abeka Language 1

Writing with Ease . . . hmmm.

Abeka Letters & Sounds 2 or maybe Spell to Write and Read


Hesitantly considering Heart of Dakota Beyond...not ready to commit to it.


If not HOD, then I have no clue for History or Science.


DD - preschool


Abeka Preschool or Answers in Genesis preschool or HOD Little Hands to Heaven





I am hoping that writing things down will help me choose. *I* was your typical hyper-excited newbie that had our life planned out until the kids went to college. Well, that's all out the window. Is there something wrong with me that I'm not excited about anything???? :tongue_smilie:

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Here's the tentative plan for ds next year.


Latin Alive II

LOF Geometry



Writing - WTM writing, Igniting Your Writing, &/or Lively Art of Writing

Earth Science (using The Good Earth)

World History (Renaissance through American Revolution?) probably using Churchill's A History of English Speaking People

Irasshai Japanese (continuing Year I)

Discovery of Deduction (formal logic)

PE will be Hiking/Camping (mostly done over the summer)


Maybe adding History of the Arts reading The Creators by Boorstin


Most of these are pretty for sure choices.

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will be 15 yo (sophomore):


  • Latin II (second half of Wheelock's)
  • New Testament studies
  • Geometry (did Alg II this year, we're going in alternate order)
  • Chemistry (DIVE w/ BJU)
  • Year 2 Great Books - history and literature credits (year 2 WTM HS + Omni II/V selections)
  • English credit consisting of literature plus essay co-op class I teach
  • Rhetoric - 1/2 credit - materials TBD
  • Computer Programming II - 1/2 credit
  • Music (flute lessons plus orchestra practice/performances, music theory)
  • Art (2 1/2 hr class each week plus homework, art appreciation)
  • High School Robotics team - extracurricular



will be 13 yo (technically an 8th grader, might graduate early though):


  • Latin - Latin Alive in co-op class I teach
  • New Testament studies
  • Geometry (VTI)
  • Chemistry (DIVE w/ BJU)
  • Year 2 Great Books - history and literature credits (year 2 WTM HS + Omni II/V selections)
  • English credit consisting of literature plus essay co-op class I teach
  • Rhetoric - 1/2 credit - materials TBD
  • Computer Programming II - 1/2 credit
  • Music (piano and clarinet lessons plus hopefully orchestra practice/performances, music theory)
  • Art (2 1/2 hr class each week plus homework, art appreciation)
  • LEGO Robotics team - no credit, extracurricular



Both girls also get their steady volunteer hours working in a classroom for students with physical impairments: feeding, playing, rocking, reading to them, etc.


I'm still working on the 8 yo's plans.

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My list is very long, but I don't use all of everything. Some things we do completely, but many things are only partially used. We are very eclectic.


Oak Meadow 1 and 5

MCT Town

WWE 2 and 4

Writing Skills 2

Sonlight LA 2

K12 LA 4

possibly IEW SWI A, but I need to look at it and the other planned writing curricula - that may wait until the year after next

Moving Beyond the Page literature units

Pictures in Cursive

McRuffy Ponics/Reading K Transition and 1

Phonetic Zoo

Spelling Plus or Apples and Pears - I haven't decided yet

IEW Poetry Memorization

Teaching Textbooks 5

McRuffy Color Math K and 2

Math Mammoth as needed

Your Business Math

Key to Fractions, Key to Decimals

The Complete Book of Time and Money

Noeo biology 1 - books only, but I may add some non-Noeo kits

astronomy books and kits

simple machine books and kits

Read and Understand Science

History Odyssey Ancients 1

SOTW 3 and 4 very casually - maybe just the audio versions

The Complete Book of Maps and Geography

Writing a State Report (and other assorted geography games and books)

Lively Latin 1

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DD in 1st

Bible and catechism - First Catechism, Bible survey using What The Bible Is All About For Young Explorers

Right Start B



Literature and RAs - still making these lists!

SOTW 1 (with VP cards and songs)

Elemental Science Intro (with 4 yo DS tagging along!)


Composer and Artist studies




Swimming lessons


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My son will be in first grade. Some things we don't need until mid fall depending on how we do during the summer. The things without prices we already have.


WWE2 $21.73

HO & SOTW1 (2nd half)

Singapore 2A $51.20


Math Mammoth 2A $16.50

Atlier Art Value Pack VP-1-D $92

Meet The Masters $29.95

Galloping The Globe




Phonics Road 2 $199

Pathway Readers/Elson? $35/$24

Sonlight Readers

Write Shop 2? $31.50

Elemental Science Earth/Space $16.50/$51.00

R.E.A.L. Science Earth/Space $38.99/$50.00

Latin For Children A $105



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For DD's 3rd grade:


Math: continuing with the textbook we already have (Practical Arithmetics)

Spelling: Continuing with Webster's Speller, which was a free download from www.donpotter.net

Grammar/Writing: Finishing up FLL1-2 if we haven't by the end of this year. Classical Writing: Aesop (All we need is the workbook; I have the text and teacher's guide already)

Latin: Lively Latin (need to purchase)

Geography: Unit on the 50 states, which I have a bunch of materials for already.


Everything else (History, Science, Spanish, music, art, keyboarding, etc.) will be done through her enrichment program, which she will attend Tu-Thu (2 days/wk) next year.

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DS 1st Grade


Memoria Press 1 (haven't fully decided on this one)




MM 1A & 1B (supplemental)

Kitchen Table Math & Math in Non-Fiction & Math in Literature

Finish SOTW 1 & start SOTW 2 (to chapter 18)

GEMS science guides in Chemistry & Biology

Telling God's Story


DS Pre-K

HWOT Pre-K & K

AAR (if it comes out!)

MEP Reception & Kitchen Table Math

Tagging along for science & history projects

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We already have most of the materials for next year waiting in a plastic tub in our basement. I'm collecting resources as I go, with an eye to what we'll need in the future, especially since our income can fluctuate quite a bit from season to season. The only things I have left to buy are RS C, a telescope, (possibly) a Spanish program, and (also possibly) a typing program.


DS6 will be in second grade next year, and he's mostly at grade level with the exception of his reading, which is much higher, and his handwriting, which is a bit behind.


Writing - For actual handwriting, we'll continue our homemade copywork with a focus on readability and breaking some bad habits that I doubt we'll eliminate before then :glare:. For the process of writing, we'll continue WWE without the workbook. I might try to find occasional supplements for creative writing, and we also have Writing Strands 2 if needed/wanted.


Grammar - We'll continue FLL 2 (we're in FLL 1 now, will prob. finish before year's end)


Spelling - We'll be using a homemade spelling progression based on Phonics Pathways.


Reading/Phonics - Our reading will be loosely based on WTM recs. with lots of library time. We'll finish Phonics Pathways if needed and choose several family read-alouds (TBD, except for a few neat ebooks I found: Chaucer tales for Children and Spenser for Children!!)


Math - We'll finish RightStart B, start RightStart C, and maybe explore some supplemental word problems.


History/Social Studies - SOTW 2 with activity guide, Geography for Every Kid, many many extra resources.


Science - We'll be doing WTM-style astronomy and earth science plus using Earth Science for Every Kid, Astronomy for Every Kid, and a LOT of other resources.


Language - I'm uncertain at this point. I'll be researching Spanish options if our budget allows for it.


Art - We'll be using Draw Write Now, but not in any serious way.


Other Extras - We'll start actual hands-on kitchen/cooking stuff. (If I don't schedule it in, it won't get done.) I have several kids' cookbooks to work with. We'll also being doing another round through Dave Ramsey's FP Junior set for reinforcement. We might start a formal typing program, if I can find one I like that we can afford.

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Bible/Religion: videos on different world religions and other materials I already own


Math: will continue with Dolciani Algebra II


Grammar: will continue with Easy Grammar, adding Daily Grams


Writing: I'm working on a more intensive outside class for him.


Vocab: will continue with Vocabulary for the College Bound


Latin: will continue with the Latin Primer/Grammar series, finishing up Primer III and doing Grammar I


Spanish: will continue with Barron's Spanish Grammar the Easy Way at home and outside class; currently deciding on a different workbook for the class.


Greek: will leave it up to him whether he wants to continue or not, so haven't decided on a program.


History: I have a basic list from my last time through Modern World and will be tweaking it for use.


Physics: I have a ton of resources and kits; I just need to sit down and put together a plan for using them.


PE will continue with outside activities; Piano lessons will continue; and we'll have to wait and see what's available insofar as other outside classes or activities....

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For DS 4th gr. in fall:

* Language Arts -

- MCT Island series, finish then move into MCT Town series

- AAS level 4 and/or 5 (trying to see where we end up)

- WWE-3 (just twice a week for dictation & narration practice)

- Horizons Penmanship 4

- Literature: SL Core 3 advanced readers

* History -

- SL Core 3 with additional spines (any suggestions for good ones?!)

* Bible -

- Bible Study Guide for All Ages, unit 1 (VERY excited about this!)

* Math -

- Horizons 4

- Math it! for facts practice

* Science

- Elemental Science: Chemistry

- HOPEFULLY Jenn from Guest Hollow will have her chemistry schedule out by the time we start! ;)

- Weekly nature study using Handbook of Nature Study (and Barb's site!)

*Other -

- Lively Latin, Big Book 1

- weekly piano lessons

- Harmony Fine Arts, 3 (REALLY hoping to get this worked into the schedule . . . a girl can dream, can't she?!)


For DS 2nd grade in fall:

* Language Arts -

- OPG (finish up)

- AAS levels 1 & 2

- FLL-1, supplement with Growing with Grammar 1 (if needed)

- WWE-1 (slowly, as this one HATES writing!)

- SL Readers 2 regular schedule

- Horizons Penmanship 2 (transition to cursive . . . this ought to be interesting!)

* History - same as above

* Bible - same as above

* Math -

- Horizons 2

- Math it! for facts

* Science - same as above

* Other - same as above, with the exception of LL & piano

Holy cow, that looks like a lot! And with PreK DS and toddler DD running around, I have NO IDEA how we are going to accomplish this. Grace needed in LARGE quantities! :001_smile:

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Most of this has already been planned since last year... I tried to plan middle school in one fell swoop. :tongue_smilie: Younger dd in some places is repeating what older kids did, in some places blazing her own trail...


8th grade

Writing - MCT Advanced Academic Writing 1

Grammar - Magic Lens 1 or 2 (depending on how far we get this year)

Vocabulary - Word within the Word 1 and/or 2 (also depending)

Literature - Literary Lessons from Lord of the Rings


Math - Algebra I - Lial's for dd1 and AoPS or Foerster's for dd2

History - K12 Human Odyssey and Oxford Press' books - continuing from wherever we get to this year. Probably Medieval and with any luck start early Modern.

Science - CPO Physics: A First Course


Spanish - Breaking the Spanish Barrier III

German - Saturday School

Music - dd1 Piano; dd2 Violin & Orchestra, both - Chorus

Art - Outside course, hopefully

Logic - Critical Thinking 1 or 2 (depending again on how far we get this year)

PE - dd1 skating, dd2 modern dance?



5th/6th grade

Writing - Continue Paragraph Town if not done. If done... with any luck Writing with Skill will be done? Maybe Essay Voyage?

Grammar - Town or Voyage grammar

Vocabulary - Caesar's English II

Literature - Jamestown Best Short Stories? (used with older kids, so have on hand)


Math - Singapore 6a/b with CWP

History - Same as sisters

Science - Some Physics appropriate for this grade level. Searching...


Spanish - Spanish the Easy Way

German - Saturday School

Music - Piano and possibly Flute, Chorus

Art - Outside course, hopefully

Logic - Grid Perplexors, and if we manage Critical Thinking 1, she'll be listening in.

PE - maybe gymnastics and/or swimmng

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Still in the works but def. working on the list already as well as supplies and what needs to be printed and filed and all that fun filled stuff!


DD 3rd grade:

Math: MM Light Blue Y3

Reading: HoP Master Reader

Penmanship: HWoT Cursive

Writing: WWE 2

L.A.: FLL 3

Spelling: AAS 1

Bible: Awana

Art: Kumon Workbooks, Color by number, Paint by number, Perler beads & Misc crafts.


DD 1st grade:

Math: MM Light Blue Y1, possibly Y2 depending on how fast she goes through the first books. (She is my math whiz kid.)

Reading: HoP Level 1

Penmanship: HWoT 1

Writing: WWE 1

L.A.: FLL 2

Bible: Awana

Art: Kumon Workbooks, Color by number, Paint by number, Perler beads & Misc crafts.



Science: Apologia Zoology 1

History: Finish MoH 1

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A lot of our stuff is running 6 months ahead. We're starting "2nd grade" in the next couple of weeks so we'll finish out 2nd grade in the fall and start 3rd grade. So, our plans look like this:


* Reading: CLE Reading 2/3

* Language Arts: CLE LA 2/3

* Horizons 3

* Elemental Science: Chemistry

* SOTW - 2/3

* Meet the Masters (art)

* Sequential Spelling B

* Latin - NO clue yet

* Piano Adventures for music theory

* Sign Language


DD also takes piano and voice lessons, ballet and swimming classes, and plays sports and will continue those next year as well.

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For 2nd grade in the fall:


Math: MM 3

Grammar: R&S 3

Reading: CLE Reading 200/300, independent chapter books assigned

Spelling: TBD

Handwriting: copywork, Pentime 2 (transition to cursive)

Writing: WWE 2

History: SOTW 2 + AG

Science: ES Biology


The only thing in that list that I have already is the SOTW AG.

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We're not changing up very much for next year. Most of it will be the next level up in the same curricula they're using this year. I'll need to buy the consumable parts for R&S books and FLL 3, and everything for the oldest.

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Next year for DD - 1st Grade


Math - MM2 and CWP1

Art - Artistic Pursuits Finish book 1 start book 2

Science - Elemental Science finish Biology Start Earth Science



Progressive Phonics Advanced books

All About Spelling 2

Climbing to Good English 2

Pathway reading Grade 1

History - History Odyssey Level 1 Middle ages

Latin - Song School Latin

Music - Choir and Piano

Phy Ed - Swimming and Tae Kwon Do


Probably an acting class or 3 as well as a play or 2.

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It will be our first year homeschooling!


1st Grade:


Math: Singapore 1A with Orange Miquon and Rods as a supplement, Family Math and other math games and activities


LA: Phonics Road Level 1


History: ToG Year 2/Units 3 and 4 at half pace (early American History)


Science: Handbook of Nature Study + 4 seasons Nature Studies Guides and a Nature Journal



FL: Mandarin Level 1 Rosetta Stone 2x per week with my assistance (her grandmother speaks Mandarin and she's had a year of it in PS K this year as well)


PE: Year Round Swimming Lessons/Swim Team


Arts: Piano or Violin if she wants to try, various Waldorf craft projects, religious crafts based on the liturgical year




I'm Ready To Learn By Winter Promise

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My 10th grader:


TT Geometry

Thinking Like A Christian

Desiring God

Notgrass Exploring American History (1/2), Alpha Omega Civics (1/2)

Elementary Greek 2 &3

LLATL Gold American

Integrated Physics and Chemistry

IEW or Jensen's Format Writing


My 3rd grader is going use my own version of adventures since I have the books on hand already:


English for the Thoughtful Child vol. 1

Singapore 2B/3A

American Pioneers and Patriots

A First Book in American History

Powerglide Spanish elementary

Science in the kitchen, Science with Air and CLP nature reader 3

CLE Reading 3


library books for literature and extra history reading.

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Here is my list


1st grade


Spelling Workout A/B

Writing With Ease 1

Story of the World Ancient Times with Acitivity Book

Saxon Math 1



Still researching a science



ABC Home Preschool

Piano Lessons/Soccer

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I am not completely decided, but tentatively we will be using:


Both - TOG YR 3 (continuing with TOG- LOVE IT!)- History, Geography, Literature, Writing, Art, Government and Philosophy


DS7 - will be 2nd Grade:


Explode the Code 3 and 4 or 4 and 5 (depends on how far we get this year)

OPGTR (will finish)

R&S English 2 OR CLE LA Grade 2

Elemental Science- Earth Science & Astronomy AND/OR Apologia Astronomy

Positive Action For Christ Grade 2

Veritas Press Timeline Cards for visual timeline and memorization

Abeka Math Grade 2

Scholastic Map Skills

Remedia Dictionary Skills


DS 14- will be 10th Grade:


Apologia Biology

Teaching Textbooks Geometry

BJU Spanish 1 - DVD Program

Positive Action for Christ- Life of Christ


Notgrass Government (along with TOG Government)

Logic in 100 Minutes DVD

Introductory Logic


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We are switching over some things this month & next and by April we will be working on our "3rd grade" curriculum.


dd 7 (8 in sept)

WWE 2 (feb)

R & S 3 (mar)

Spelling Workout D (sept)

Scripture Adventures bible along with VP cards and other reading (april)

SOTW 2 (april)

Latin Primer I (sept)

Kitchen Table Math, Math Mammoth 3 (sept)

Apologia Astronomy (april)

Reading List

Memory work from Living Memory


ds 4.5 (5 in june)


Kitchen Table Math

SOTW 2 & Apologia Astronomy

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Just now starting 2nd grade with:

Oak Meadow 2nd Grade

MEP 1/2 + Miquon

Dancing Bears

Jolly Grammar

Apples & Pears Spelling


horseback riding + something else, maybe swimming or Irish dance



3rd Grade, whenever we finish the above:

MEP 3 + Miquon

Galore Park Junior English 1

Writing With Ease 2

Apples & Pears Spelling

KONOS Obedience in a box + interest led studies OR BFSU + SOTW2

Atelier Art 3

Lively Latin or Minimus

Countdown to Logic

horseback riding + other activities for PE

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Ds, fifth grade:

Intermediate Language Lessons or Classical Writing

Milestones Academy Year 4

Geography and earth studies from Mater Amabilis

???Teaching Textbooks 4 or 5 or neither:)

Tapestry of Grace, Year 2 starting with unit 2 or 3 depending on where we end this year.



Ds, third grade:

Language Arts--?? Primary Lang. Lessons? Classical Writing? Intermediate Lang. Lessons?

Milestones Academy Year 2

Geography and earth studies from Mater Amabilis

Teaching Textbooks 3

Tapestry of Grace, Year 2 unit 2 or 3 to start


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  • 2 weeks later...
Here is my list


1st grade


Spelling Workout A/B

Writing With Ease 1

Story of the World Ancient Times with Acitivity Book

Saxon Math 1



Still researching a science



ABC Home Preschool

Piano Lessons/Soccer


I've made some changes.

1st grade

CLE LTR/Reading

CLE Language Arts 1

EFTC-Just a little

Meet The Masters-Art

Greenleaf Press-History Old Testament

Brown Bag Science-Plants, Insects, Human Body (I have put together my own life science curriculum this year)

Saxon Math

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For Corbin

Math - CLE mid-500s to mid-600s or possibly Saxon 7/6

Science - Elemental Chem and/or Inquiry in Action Chem, maybe Elemental Physics, and/or Intellego Unit Studies. Maybe all of it!

History - American History of my own design

Grammar - CLE 400s-500s, or possibly Growing with Grammar

Spelling - Probably Apples & Pears

Reading - Probably Scott Foresman reading textbooks & workbooks

Literature & Read Alouds from American History

Handwriting - Getty-Dubay Italics

Writing - we are going to try out Writing Skills, so if we like it we may continue


For Noel

Hewitt's Preschool Plus

Saxon K


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