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Teen Group Planning

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So, I have taken over as the coorganizer of the new Teen Group in a secular homeschool group I just joined. In fact, I took over and won't meet anyone until tomorrow at a Shakespeare play!

Anyway - I am having a planning meeting at my house Tuesday - going to let the teens plan out the next 6 months or so with just some guidance on my part (keeping them on track, giving them suggestions, telling them if an idea is possible).

Has anyone run/moderated/managed a teen homeschool group around here?


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Good question :) Sorry,,,


Social activities, for the most part - with some service projects thrown in. Bowling, sailing (I hope....), game nights, etc.


Many of us with teen homeschoolers in the area have had a very hard time finding other homeschooled teens. We are all going to be pretty spread out geographically.


Ages will be from about 12ish (no younger) all the way up to 16.

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I'm not running a teen group, but my son recently joined a local one. Technically I guess it's inclusive. We have a mix of religious and non-religious families, and we come from several different homeschool groups around our county. I point this out because sometimes we use a church (one of the members reserves the fellowship room for us) for a number of our activities.


Some of the things our group has done:



  • a monthly game night. Several families bring board games. Everyone brings their own drinks, and a snack to share. There are usually several tables with a different board or card game going on at each table.
  • a dance (there have been two so far; one formal, one informal). We've used the church for the dances and for game night.
  • an open gym night. A local gym allows us to rent the facility for several hours (we usually do 7-midnight). There are some of the coaches there to make sure no one does anything dangerous. The kids jumped for 5 hours! Well, with the exception of a break when we ordered pizza.
  • Some families have had parties at their homes - one I'm thinking of was a Halloween party. We didn't go because it was too far to drive (our county is pretty spread out).
  • A local community center is open on certain days, and we have a standing day each month that is our group's teen time. Since it's open to the public, once school get out, we don't have it to ourselves anymore.
  • A few times they've done midnight showings of old movies and our group went together.


One of the moms (a self-described planner addict) is trying to come up with a some more ideas, but maybe those I've listed will help you get started.

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I was pretty active in a small church youth group in high school and helped plan a lot of the events. I know that I am not talking about a secular homeschool group, but it shouldn't be all that different.


Some of the things we did or that I can think of doing now:


Collecting canned goods - we called one of the local agencies and got the name of a person who needed help. We collected goods once a month and delivered them. For Christmas and Thanksgiving we usually bought a Turkey or ham, potatoes etc to go with it.


We did a yearly trip to Six Flags (that was the close amusement park to us)


We had supervised lock-ins.


We did camping trips.


Mini golf, go carts (knowing what I know now I think it would be fun to hire a golf pro for an hour or 2 and take a trip to the driving range.)




We didn't do relay for life but that would be something that would be suitable.


Of course sailing sounds like a great thing. Do you live in an area where they do weekly sailboat races?


If you have enough kids things like volleyball, basketball and that type of thing can be a lot of fun.


Texas hold em night




You could probably come up with a list of people who could use help. There are lots of retired people who have a hard time doing yard work or or have some other types of work that they could use some help with (I wouldn't get into anything real serious with this due to liability)


If you want more ideas, I have lots.

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:lol: I just did something similar. I joined a Teen Aspergers social group and my ds14 had a really great time at the meeting. Then the organizer announced she was stepping down but no one stepped up! I knew my ds would be heartbroken if there were no more meetings so I set up a new group. It's really weird because I'm taking over something I don't have much experience in. I'm happy to meet with people to bowl or eat pizza, but I sure hope people don't expect me to have answers to Aspergers questions. I know about my son, and just a little more beyond that.

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