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#1 reason to home school

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So my ds can make me breakfast in the mornings. :D


He just made excellent French toast.


He is becoming quite the cook. He takes after Daddy....not me. :lol:


My ds made breakfast today too! But he made pancakes.


See in our family, dad is the one who cooks breakfast. I can and have occasionally cooked breakfast but far and away it's a man thing around here.

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Sounds like a GREAT reason to me. As my ds isn't old enough to make French toast unsupervised yet (counting the days...), my reason is so that I don't have to haul 3 dc and my pg body out at 7:20 to get one child to school. Oh...I'm miserable just thinking about it! We're usually still asleep at that time in the winter when it isn't light enough to wake us up. By the time ds would have been able to walk himself to school, I use your reason. :D

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