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Would you please critique my tentative plans for 8th grade?

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Am I missing anything? Of course, I'm trying to focus on skills that will be critical to know by the time we get to high school.


Brief explanation for LotR: we're doing this orally this year to complement our study of ancient history. LLftLotR has led us to read kid friendly versions of Gilgamesh, Iliad and Odyssey. Next year, we'll finish LotR to supplement Medieval history. Again, it is planned so that we will read Arthur legends, Sir Gawain, Beowulf, etc... So, we're not using it as intended, but as a guide to help supplement history.




For 8th grade:


  • Math: Lial’s Introductory Algebra I
  • Science: CPO Physical Science
  • Spelling: Megawords
  • Writing/Grammar: Potter’s School: English I
  • Lit: LotR (done orally to supplement medieval history)
  • History: MFW Medieval; EftRU Latin Roots
  • Foreign Lang: Rosetta Stone Spanish Yr. 3
  • Elective: ???

ETA: So sorry! I meant for this to go on the Middle School Logic Board. I re-posted there.

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