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AP US Gov't resources? text?

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Given the recent notice about the exciting revamping of the APUSH standards, I am thinking of delaying APUSH another year (to the 2012-2013 year -- dd's 10th grade year) so we can use the new standards and doing AP Gov't next year (9th grade) instead.


So, I'm starting all over in my planning! ARGH!


Can you help me get started with finding a good text, syllabus, plan, etc? Where should I start? What's the best stuff out there?



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Don't know what is the best out there, as we did not do an AP Gov't course, but below are some online resources to check out. Are you specifically planning on having DS take the AP test? If so, you definitely want to use the material that would be actually tested; check out the College Board website for the course description, and other specific info on AP Gov't. You would probably also want some sort of AP prep book such as "Barron's AP US Gov't and Politics".


If, on the other hand, you were thinking AP for rigor and thorough coverage of the material rather than specific testing (or if you just want a fantastic supplement to an AP course!), you might consider getting DS involved in the YMCA's Youth in Government program in your state, which has students actually participate in the roles of legislators, lobbyists, and press through a model legislative event in your state's capital. There are also opportunities to be elected/serve in additional positions such as Governor, Secretary of State, Senate President/Speaker of the House, Sergeant at Arms, Chaplain, Majority/Minority Leaders, Lobby Firm Manager, Editor, etc.


It is a lot of fun, and the students learn great skills in leadership, teamwork, public speaking, responsibility, etc., in addition to learning how gov't works by DOING. It also looks fantastic on resumes and college applications! Neither of our DSs are the least bit interested in government or politics, but both have had a blast doing Y&G in our state, and will each have done it 3 years by the time each graduates. Here is the webpage for the YiG program in West Virginia.


BEST of luck in finding what you need for AP Gov't! Warmest regards, Lori D.



"US Gov't. and Politics for AP" - free text/course material from Hippo Campus

National University Virtual AP Government online course

AP Gov't Study Notes - resources for studying for the AP test

US Gov't and Politics for AP course study notes - resources for studying for the AP test

Resources for AP Gov't Teachers - big list of links to resources

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