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Okay, thanks for the Wii/Netflix info., now tell me about the ClearPlay dvd...

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We have one. We don't use it nearly as much as I thought we would but when we have, it's good.


Here's how it works: you still have to rent or use your own dvds, but the dvd player comes with a special memory stick that you use to download the changes (off of their website) to whatever movie you are planning to watch. Then you put your dvd into the player, plug the memory stick into the player and then a menu comes up that lets you pick which alterations you want (language, s*x, violence, etc).


As you watch the movie, the changes that you downloaded onto the memory stick adjust the movie and you get to watch without the language or whatever.


I would say, most of the time it works great. There have been a couple of times when the "timing" gets off and it's like watching an old Japanese war movie where the mouth movements of the actors are behind or ahead of the actual dialogue.


They have a huge inventory of movies so we have never had a problem being able to download changes to any movie.


I think we pay around $8/month for the service. While we don't use it that much, it's kind of like having a double oven: you may only need it at Thanksgiving or Christmas but it's hugely helpful nonetheless. :001_smile: It is also a regular DVD player, so you just play dvds in it without using the memory stick, too.

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We have had Clearplay for 4 years and enjoyed having it. I really don't like seeing a movie with profanity or nudity so this works perfectly. Our main reason for getting it was that our teenage boys were complaining about how their friends got to see this movie and that movie. At this age, we have tried to say "yes" when we have the opportunity. When a movie comes out at the theaters that they are interested in, we ask them to wait for the movie to come out on DVD so we can use Clearplay. They are fine with waiting.

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We tried Clearplay. It's a nice idea if they send you a dvd player that works. Hopefully they are better now. We returned the first one because it was clearly defective. The second one - I'm not sure what the problem was. The filters seemed to lock up or something... We finally gave up.

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We've had ours for 3 years and love it. It works great! I think maybe 1 time the timing was off, but otherwise we've never had a problem. I highly recommend them.


This is us....we use ours ALL THE TIME...and we've never had a time when the timing was off that I'm aware of. We've probably had ours for about 3 or 4 years also.


The first one we got was defective, but they immediately sent another and it worked great.


Our only problem is that they don't do blue ray - or they hadn't the last time my dh checked.


We don't watch "TV" - just DVD's and Netflix. We are huge DVD collectors....have over 700+ DVD's in our collection. Many of those are only watched with the Clear Play DVD player.

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