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Reading Comprehension Guides Online

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Hope this is the right board to post this on...


I'm looking for a site online that I can get reading comprehension guides and perhaps activities to go along with books I have my children read.


I have a 7th, 6th, 3rd, and 2nd grader that I am interested in having this resource for.


Free would be great but if the site will be really helpful it would be worth some $$$ for me





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Glencoe is a good online site with many free lit guides. Other than that, I used to frequently google '"book title" literature guide' and see what came up. There were a few that were free snippets of something larger, but I quickly learned to avoid those.


Do you have specific books you want to use? If they are not on Glencoe, you could ask on the boards for ideas. You may get more responses on the K-8 Curriculum Board.

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