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Is this too much for a 3rd grade day?


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When I was only homeschooling one child the first couple of months this year, my DS had no problem doing all of his work before lunch with time to spare. Now, with 3 of them I have moved one 45min subject to after lunch to help ease up on the morning workload and he is still falling so behind every day that it is driving me crazy. I blame most of it on him goofing off and being distracted and wanting to talk to his sisters and being nosy about what they are doing but maybe it is too much?


Here's a typical daily assignment list:


Handwriting- copy 2-3 sentences

Spelling- 2 worksheet pages

Math-1-3 worksheet pages depending on the assignment and difficulty

Grammar- 1 practice sentence from Grammar Island

Greek- 1 page of about 10 words to translate

Spanish- 30min on DVD and maybe 10-15min for projects or workbook

Vocab/Poetry- read one poem with me, read through vocab words and roots- about 5-10min max. It's very low key

writing- write a paragraph on an assigned topic or fill sentences into an outline I have laid out in preparation for paragraph

Reading- Read and answer questions from workbook. The reading selection is about 1 page of small type and there are 10 multiple choice questions and 5 incredibly easy vocab questions.

Science or History- read, discuss with me, and do project

Taekwondo- practice for black belt test- which is about 5-10 min of reviewing one or two color belt's form and kicks.


It seems like a lot when I write it out but many things take (should take) very little time. Grammar, for instance, takes him only a minute or 2 now because he's really good at it. Other than goofing off, what is taking him so long is how often I have to make him re-do something because he did it wrong or too sloppily. None of the material is too hard for him. 99% of the time it is because he didn't read the problem or directions.


Am I really asking too much? He could do all of this and more just fine at the beginning of the year. He could start his day at 9 and work until 8 at night these days without having much break. We also have a 2 hr rest time after lunch when he is supposed to use 30min for reading what I have picked, 30min to read his choice, write, or draw, and 1hr to play whatever. I really don't want to work through this time with his other subjects because I need the break, I need to take the time to get the 3yr old to nap, and I think he needs the quiet time to be bored and forced to be creative.


He doesn't have space in his room for a desk but maybe separating him from the girls would solve the problem? They don't get nearly as off task as him and always finish their work, but they are also only in 1st grade and don't have as much work.

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It looks reasonable. My 3rd grader does about that much. Maybe not as much writing...he hates to write so we don't answer comprehension questions on paper. I do science and history aloud with all the boys together, so maybe not as independent either. But he's very good about getting his math (with lessons as necessary), handwriting, vocab, spelling and grammar done with little intercession on my part. Our day runs 8:30 to about 1PM with 30 minute snack, 30 minute lunch, 30 minute assigned reading time included. Brownie

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