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Interview help?

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Trying to plan ahead, no real leads, but just in case.



What is a good response to "What is your greatest weakness?"


I think of perfectionist, but lady on tv says thats bad. What about high expectation of others??


I am stumped.. or too much coffee? See, I am blank.

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I think the best response is an honest one. What IS your biggest weakness? Maybe we can help spin it in a more positive light :)


I used to hire people for our family business. I'm decent at reading people, and I almost always hired the person who maybe gave the "less-right" answer but was sincere and appeared genuine. The few times I went against my gut and went with the paper-perfect person, things didn't work out. This was small scale, though, and not a major corporation. Perhaps things work differently for that situation.


Either way, good luck! Interviews are nerve-wracking!

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Interviewing is one of the most stressful things on the planet! So, I think preparing answers is a good idea. However, I would try not to sound as if you are rattling off a list of stuff you memorized. I really despise some of the typical interview questions- especially the ones about strengths and weaknesses. I would emphasize your experience and willingness to learn.


I also used to interview people, and I would go with the ones who were most natural and comfortable. If someone was too nervous or flustered, I would think that they were unable to handle stress well.

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