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pre history documentaries...netflix


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Im trying to find documentaries to suppliment pre history and early ancients that we can find on netflix for an older ds doing SOTW. I have found numerous ones on Egypt but need one for prehistory, about the neanderthals and early hunter gatherers. Any science related video's would be great as well. Any suggestions? Our library might have something too.


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Well, netflix has the whole 'walking with..." series. There is one on Neanderthals. It's not exactly the most scientific thing but it suuure is fuuun! (I have boys 5 & 10, btw)


I had my 10 year old watch 'Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life' through Google video. It has been put up by the BBC so it is a legal download. He enjoyed it quite a lot. My 5 year old found it boring and walked away.


There is a National Geographic "prehistoric preditors" and there is a BBC "prehistoric america"


Have you checked out the site 'how stuff works' ? It seems to have lots of short videos about lots of different subject. I have never used it for teaching...for no particular reason.

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