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Whoo-hoo! Not as far behind as we thought!

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So I finally sat down and added up the days we had last "semester", honestly I thought we wouldn't get 180 days in, the only thing our cover school wants-and the director has said to count *anything* as school if we need to, not just formal/sit-down at the table school. I added it up and we have 74 days in since August! Even more if I count what we did before we were "officially" enrolled in our cover school. Josef has had a surgery, many, many md appts and days of pain, so it is very shocking we have so many days of school in already.


So even if we do only 17 days of school, each month, between now and mid June, we will have all of our days in :D I do hope to be done before then, so we can start 2nd Grade in June however. Schooling year around is going to be the best for us, obviously ;)


Just had to share my exictment with someone whom would understand.

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