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DH doesn't get it, but I knew you guys would...

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Just scored a free year of Amazon Prime 'cuz I'm enrolled in college. Whoo Hoo!



I pay for my Prime, and it's still so worth it! It's totally awesome that you got it free! I didn't know they had that for college students. I wish they'd offer it to homeschoolers. Based on the books I buy, there would be no question of whether or not I'm a homeschooler!



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I got a free prime membership by joining the Amazon "mom" club (it's free). Every time you spend $25 in baby items you get 1 month of prime free. I get a really good deal on diapers through their subscribe and save program and have gotten 8 months of free prime membership. Hopefully the offer is still the same now :001_smile: http://www.amazon.com/gp/mom/signup/welcome

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Editing: That was way easy! There is a link for 'student amazon, or amazon student' where it talks about prime membership. It asks for your student email, school, academic year, and major. That was it!


Thanks for the heads up! I've missed Prime alot but didn't want to pay for it anymore.

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