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So we finally painted our bedroom and

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I love it!! Our house was built in 1950. It had to wallpaper from the 80's and alot of it was held together by scotch tape! So we took it all down, prepped the walls(which BTW was this horrible blue color), and it is now a nice "autumn gold" color. Like a deep beige.


My trim is oak.


I am wondering now what to do with curtains and bedcoverings?


Maybe a tan/red/green combo?


And I would like to do a small throw rug.



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I love the color combination you are thinking of-the red and green with the tan/beige. The red and green will add some vibrancy and life to the room. How much of it depends on what you like. You could do the curtains, bed and floor rug saturated with those colors or you could stick with a neutral curtain, bed and rug in beige/autumn gold with light accents of red and green in them.


You could even go all neutrals-colors in the same family as the wall, but make sure there is texture to them to provide interest. Sounds like you want some color, though (as would I) so green and red would be great. I'm pretty biased though, I have that color combination in our bedroom and living room. I love it. :)

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