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I'm confused about the choices in Math Mammoth!


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My ds, 11, still does not have most of his mult/div facts memorized and it is really slowing him down in his Saxon Math program. I'd like to concentrate on the facts for a bit by using Math Mammoth, but I'm not sure which set to order. He needs to memorize the 6,7,8,and 9's in multiplication and probably even more division facts. He "gets" the concepts of mult/div, and can do the Saxon word problems, but struggles with problems like 789 X 658 becasue he is using a multiplication chart and by the time he find the right answer he forgets where he is in the original problem. So, I think we need to stop right here and learn those darn facts. I've been too easy, I'm ashamed to say, thinking he'd pick them up by using the chart, but that hasn't happened.


What are your thoughts on Math Mammoth placement. I dont' want the whole curriculum, just the mult/div. topics.


Thanks, as always!



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