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Queensland floods...

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Here is more interesting footage of cars being washed from a carpark.




We lived through Cyclone Gonu (in Oman) where we ended up with 1.5m of water in our wall courtyard, and 30cm in our (rasied) house. Certainly not something you really want to go through twice. It's somehow completely overwhelming to have nature unexpectedly turn round and bite you. It's hard to reconcile what you expect (roads, cars parked) with what you are seeing (rivers, cars floating). But things like this also bring out human strength and kindness.

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Were there any warnings or did the people have any chance to escape to safety? Does this area flood often?

I don't believe there was any warning of the flash flood in Toowoomba. though they had had over 100 mm of rain in a few hours, plus a few hundred over the previous week. Everywhere else had warning.

Queensland is in the sub tropics , where heavy rain does happen.

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