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Suspiciously free ebooks?

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There's a set of encyclopedias (3 vol) that I'm looking at on Amazon. The latest ed (2nd) is over $200, so I googled, to see if people like it that much, if there have been major changes since the 1st ed, etc.


I found 2 separate sites offering the 2nd ed as a free ebook. My first instinct is that it's a virus. Second is that this is the ebook version of pirated music. Is there a way to tell?


sosotech.com is one of the sites, fwiw, but at a google-glance, it looks like there are several sites offering the same thing. Color me suspicious. :D

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If it is public domain, then that's one thing. (In which case you should be able to get it free somewhere.)


If it is not, then I would suspect that it is pirated.


Nope. 1st ed is 1999; 2nd is 2010. It's just weird that it's on so many sites. Otoh, the pub site won't let you see anything w/out some kind of ID. :confused:

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