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Can I brag on DD, the paramedic student again?????

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DD is on another 12 hour shift as a paramedic student. On her last few shifts, she has dealt with some really difficult situations -

13 year old suicide/they lost the patient, she was in a non-shockable rhythm...dd did CPR and bagging (alternating with the paramedic) for 55 minutes (family lived way out in the boonies but EMS is very good about keeping an ambulance staged in that area) and had blisters on the base of her hands form the friction with the gloves. (Don't worry - she does not confide anything but non-identifying general information - no Hipa violations.)


She's lost an aids patient in route, held a woman's hand whose sudden onset of symptoms suggested that her once in remission cancer, was back.


Held a stroke victim while he died in her arms.


Dealt with police interviews because the suicide was suspicious in nature (as in, there is no doubt the child wanted to die but it appeared she had help).


Dealt with a patient that was bleeding out from a seemingly not serious wound - turned out she had a clotting disorder that recently developed - and was covered in blood.


Intubated another pediatric patient that was clearly gone but felt that they should pull out all of the stops for the parents even though the child had probably been dead for a couple of hours.


She has run all the calls on her last three shifts (taken the lead at the request of the lead paramedic).


Filed formal complaints against a nursing home for abuse and medical neglect and she's received commendations from her instructors, the EMS service staff she rides with for her internship, ER staff, and doctors. She's nineteen and a half and handles the pressure as though she has years and years of experience. She has also functioned as the assistant triage director during a disaster drill for a neigboring county in which a plane crash was simulated for learning purposes. She's been on TV three times now.


I think she is a far more outstanding grown-up than I have ever been and I learn from her every day!



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Wow, I don't think I could handle that, and I'm... well... let's just say I'm old enough to be your dd's mom and leave it at that. ;)


I admire her greatly for choosing to become a paramedic, because it's such an incredibly important job, yet it's also awfully difficult, both physically and emotionally.



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