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Deep pressure vests?

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My oldest's OT recommended that for a low-cost solution that we take a fishing vest and then make beanbags filled with rice and put them into the pockets until we found the appropriate weight. By making the weights removable, we can more easily clean the vest.


She used to suggest using shotgun pellets for weight, but the pellets were increasingly expensive to make a 20# or so vest. :)

I have known others to take the same vest and use large heavy washers as the weight. They are either sewn onto the front or a second vest is sewn over the first like a quilt with a washer in each quilted area. Just make sure that you can pull it tight like swaddling around the front as well. Some kids like the snug fell all over and not just from the top down. If it is just a snug feel needed, a couple of people I know were successful using the top off a wet suit as well.

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