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Audio, or DVD Bible for kids?


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I have started a quiet Bible time for everyone before school starts in the morning. My ds goes to his room and reads from his Action Bible, and I read on my laptop. For my younger kids I have been putting this DVD in since they can't read on their own. Does anyone know of any other kids Bibles that come with a cd, or dvd?

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I just found this one. Has anyone seen it?


We have this Read & Share DVD set (4 DVDs) and it is great! The stories are short, but pack a lot in in a short time and in an understandable way. We also use this series as our children's church curriculum.


The only disadvantage might be that they are so short--3-4 minutes per story. This might not be enough for your Bible time. Also, they advertise printable coloring sheets but only one of the DVDs comes with sheets of the corresponding Bible stories. The other 3 come with coloring pages of random animals from the stories (and the sheets are all the same on those 3 DVDs)


You can watch samples somewhere. CBD maybe? Probably Amazon.


Another great series is the Word & Song Bible put out by Focus on the Family. It is OOP, so you'd have to search for it. The book is all right, but the CDs are outstanding! My son gained such a knowledge of the Bible from listening to these CDs over and over as a preschooler. There are 5 CDs I think.




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There is also audio available for the NIrV Kids Adventure Bible, if you own that Bible. I got mine from audible.com. The only thing is that it is difficult to "find" a particular place in the Bible. If your kids can be trusted to stop the audio and then just start it up again in the same place the next day, this might be an option. Not sure if this would work on a CD. It would work on an ipod.

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