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I wonder if it's too early to make this announcement . . .

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I (think I'm) caffeine free.




In an agonizing process, I quit coffee a few yrs ago but switched to tea. I was happy. I like having tea in the morning and it wasn't coffee which I was having a problem with.


Then I became unhappy with my level of tea drinking. I have serious iron issues, my teeth are getting stained, and my taste in tea is kind of expensive. I wasn't really willing to give it up, though.


Then I inadvertently purchased decaf. I drank half of it and didn't realize! I did realize something was amok but I really just thought it was me being tired or something. In retrospect, I did have some w/drawl but I thought it was a wee bout of flu. I laughed at myself and decided to go to the store but b/f I got there, I did indeed get sick. I was in bed sick as a dog for about 4 days and my throat was so sore I couldn't even drink the medicine tea I needed.


then I got well . . .


Really, the only difference b/t today and the weeks preceding my illness is that today, I'm doing it on purpose.


I feel good.


I feel great.


I guess I'm caffeine free!

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Yea, welcome to the crowd. I was too wired on caffeine. I drink mostly decaf coffee and on occassion decaf tea. I'm not a pop/soda drinker since I've stopped "chemicals" and "sweeteners".


I must admit that I will drink reg coffee once in a blue moon, but only about 6 oz.

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I give up caffeine periodically. I had to give it up for medical reasons a month ago. I had a latte last week and felt so alert, so WONDERFUL, but not jittery. I wonder if some people's brains just need caffeine. :confused: You'd think a month without the regular use of caffeine would have broken the cycle.

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