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Can you help with a PENGUIN bday party??

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My daughter's favorite animal is a penguin so she is wanting a penguin bday party in Feb. :D


I am looking for a few cute craft ideas for a few girls to work on together...in the 7-10yr old range...


Are there sites like Oriental Trading where you can get a group of crafts for a decent price?


Or cute ideas you've seen online that we could do?


Cake? Cupcakes?


I've already made the invitations...so now I just need help with the party part.

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Pin the Tail on the Penguin


Serve icy drinks


Bowl of paper fishes with magnets with sheet up (so they can't see) and fishing rods with sting and magnet at end. Maybe one of the fish could have a prize sticker.


Goldfish crackers ...


hmmm ...


Have the movie the Pebble and the Penguin ... then do a pebble game ...

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Well, that's a cute theme! There are penguin cookie cutters, of course; I've seen them on Amazon and eBay.


If you Google penguin party ideas, the first link takes you to birthdaypartyideas.com where other people have posted their penguin party plans. I'd try to think of some myself, but school's in progress ;)


Hope it turns out great!

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I've seen penguin h'ordeurves (SP???) before made with a boiled egg as the body, black olives sliced for flippers, and s bit of carrot for the beak. I've also seen it done as puffins with some carefully, partially shredded carrot on the top for that puff of hair.


You could probably just make a regulr 9 x 13 cake, frost it in white to simulate the ice and snow, with little peaks and valleys, but then cut out a small hole on one part and fill with blue jello that you've already made ahead and allowed to gel or if you prefer, use a little blue food dye and tint coconut for the water. Put one or two goldfish crackers in the water and then use white marshmallows, thin black licorice, and and what not to make candy penguins for the top (broken toothpicks will work for holding he arms on).


I'd be tempted to decorate in all white and blue, simulating a kind of oceanic, ice theme with fake icicles and snowflakes hanging about and then of course, ice cream.



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We threw a Happy Feet/Penguin themed Christmas party last year. It was fairly simple, but lots of fun. Oriental Trading has lots of penguin themed gifts. The only terrible one that we bought was the stackable colored pencils - they broke really quickly.


The kids really liked the "walk like a penguin" game. We hard boiled eggs (with a few extras in case they break) but you could use golf balls too. The kids had to stand on the start line with their bare feet together and an adult placed the egg on top. Holding the egg only with their feet they had to race from one end of the room to the other. It is MUCH harder than it sounds.

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I believe that Oriental Trading does have penguin crafts!


Yes, just checked. Lots of them!




Here's a cute cake:




Here's one way to make penguin cupcakes:




Although I like this one using fudgemint cookies and dried apricots:




Have fun!

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