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Care Packages

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Are you positive he wants you to send already cooked brownies?? Or did he mean for you to send him a box of brownie mix???


You don't say what country, or if he has an APO address or not, but for ex. we are in Brazil. Any package takes ~3 weeks to arrive at our home once it is mailed from the US. That's including normal customs delays; packages can take longer if customs is slower.


I cannot imagine anyone sending (or customs allowing through, for that matter) homemade brownies and them still being good when they arrive. Maybe if you are able to freeze them, package with a small blue ice thing, put all of that in a ziplock baggie (with air removed) (and probably I'd wrap in foil or something first, too), then maybe bubble wrap and re-baggy it???


Still, I don't think you even *can* send prepared, not-in-a-package food like that. Store bought, sealed cookies; yes (think Chips Ahoy); homemade cookies/brownies? I don't think customs will let it through in most places.


I'd double check with your brother and see what he meant, and if he knows anyone who's received brownies and how they sent theirs.


I hope that's helpful and not just a downer of a post, but really I think sending the mix would be better (and even then I'd put the box inside a ziplock baggie and put that in the package).

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If it'll pass customs, I'd say seal-a-meal type vacuum sealing would be the way to go.


I once had someone send me a chocolate cake in a care package (a dry sort of brownie-ish type). This was when I was in the Navy. The cookies in the same package (each separately ziplocked with excess air removed) came through fine, but the cake was all moldy and gross. Of course the package had to catch up to the ship while we were at sea, which means it probably hopped around a bit and sat in a few humid, hot places before making its way to me at last at a port we pulled into.


If it's not going someplace hot, the ziplock with bread method might work. If it is, seal a meal.

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Yes, he wants my mom to send already cooked brownies. My mom doesn't want to because of the reasons that you mentioned. She just can't figure out how to package them so they would still be fresh when they get to him. I was wondering if he would be happy with some Little Debbie brownies.


He does have an APO address. My brother said that he has heard vacuum sealing works best. I would just feel better if I had heard that someone has done this and it worked for them.



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