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Help me make a movie list

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I am thinking of getting my DH a Netflix subscription for his birthday, which is at the end of this month. Now that I have my evenings free, we are watching more and more movies, and the free ones that our cable company provides don't usually cut the mustard quality-wise. We like the Redbox and Blockbuster rental machines, but they get picked over pretty quickly and I see no point in driving halfway across town just to find a machine that has the movie we want. So I want to make a list of movies to add to the Netflix queue and need suggestions.


We both enjoy lots of different kinds of movies, pretty much anything except horror, though I will concede the quality of Hitchcock is worth the occasional nightmare/panic attack. We both like drama, comedy, suspense, action, classic films, and even sometimes a completely stupid flick (i.e. "Dude Where's My Car?").


Pretty much anything is fair game to add to the list. He's seen more movies than I have, but we both still seem to have missed the boat on many popular movies over the years. We both love classic films but haven't seen many, so those are fair game to add, and neither of us have been to the theater much since we've been married, either (10 years).


So help me out. I want to make this membership worth my $$$... and hopefully he'll love it enough that we can cancel cable altogether!

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Sarah, I think I'm going to like this thread :D.

Movies are obviously quite subjective. We also cannot tolerate horror, except for good Alfred Hitchcock ... and even then, not the overly scary ones.

Here's a very incomplete list of movies that we've loved and even liked a lot.

Like you, my dh has seen more movies than I.

My dh's top 5 favorites:

Cinema Paradiso

It’s a Wonderful Life

Shawshank Redemption

The Color Purple

Ground Hog Day

and he also has loved (although I haven't yet seen) - Kickass


Other Movies we’ve Enjoyed

Five People You Meet in Heaven

Pride and Prejudice and all others in A&E Romance Collection – Scarlet Pimpernel and so on - the Ivanhoe one is superb - they're all fabulous. We only like the P&P with Colin Firth - the original BBC/A&E version

Other Period Classics – Nicholas Nickelby etc.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Big Fish

Kill Bill 1 and 2

Jean de Florette and Manon of the Spring

The Bourne Identity

Runaway Jury


A Beautiful Mind

Finding Neverland

Bullets Over Broadway

Strictly Ballroom

Billy Elliott

The Fugitive

Steel Magnolias

As Good as it gets

The Insider

Catch me if you can

October Sky

Waking Ned Devine

Schindler’s List

The Best in Show

Cinderella Man

The Pianist



Big Fat Greek Wedding

V for Vendetta

The Ultimate Gift


Amazing Grace


Food, Inc.


We recently saw "Waiting for Superman" - very good documentary

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I wanted to add that after you make your membership you will be able to access the Netflix list of top 100. DH and I used it last time to dill our queue and haven't been disappointed yet. We just watched one last week that was amazing. It was about the daughter of an agent who gets kidnapped while in Europe (I think). I need to get the name of it and will post back.


Have you seen Blindside? Great movie!

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All instant watch


Anthony Bourdain No Reservations

30 Rock

Parks and Recreation

Arrested Development

Party Down



British TV:

IT Crowd

Doc Martin




Lord of the Rings: Fellowship..

Battle of Algiers

Reign of Fire

This is England

Europa Europa

Bourne Identity

Best in Show

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Battle of Algiers

Reign of Fire

This is England

Europa Europa

Bourne Identity

Best in Show

Obviously, I like the last 2 you mentioned, since they're on my list also. We also loved LOTR.

The others, I'm going to look into. I've been meaning to watch "This is England". Thanks for the reminder. :)

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Jeeves & Wooster

Episodes of Star Trek

Robin Hood (Russell Crowe)

Robin Hood (Errol Flynn)

The original Godzilla in Japanese

Firefly (on instant watch)




You can also search by actor or subject. I've been working to expand my movie horizons so I often watch the previews. I've found some great obscure titles in that way.

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