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Ebay question - do I need to get insurance or something - I'm the buyer.

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I just "won" an item on Ebay. It's a Wii game. It's been a long time since I bid on Ebay. This seller has 100% and 337. The item is under $50 ($46) and shipping is free - economy.


I remember other people's stories years ago of items not showing up and the seller saying, sorry, you should have gotten insurance. It's been so long I don't remember, but what is the best option in this situation?


Take free shipping or offer to pay for insurance or some other choice?


Thanks for your help!

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According to Ebay/Paypal rules it is the seller's job to make sure you receive the item you paid for. Therefore unless Delivery Confirmation proves that the item was received by the buyer you will be protected. But ebay is still ebay so it is up to you.


I wouldn't bother with insurance on a package worth less than a few hundred dollars, unless the seller was brand new and the item was very fragile. I have gone through the post office insurance claim procedure, and believe me, it wouldn't be worth the trouble for $50.00.


I would just pay with a credit card through PayPal, and send an eBay message to the seller asking him or her to pack the box as carefully as possible.


It sounds like your seller has perfect feedback, and if quite a bit of that feedback is as a seller and not just as a buyer, I don't think you have anything at all to worry about in terms of your package being well-protected and arriving in good shape.


I know we all hear lots of horror stories about eBay sellers, but remember, no one bothers to start a thread about how they bought 100 different items from 100 different sellers and they all arrived safely. The only time we talk about it is when one of us is having a problem, so I think most transactions go pretty well. I've been buying on eBay almost since it started, and I can only think of two or three problems I've ever had -- and all of them were resolved with either the seller or PayPal.



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