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WWYD--stomach virus and play practice

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I'm really torn about what to do.


Friday, dh had a sour stomach at work. He felt pretty awful all day Friday. He was a little better on Saturday but didn't go anywhere, then well enough today for church but still not much appetite. He never vomited--just had a sour, nauseous kind of feeling.


Today during church I became sick to my stomach and went home. I also never threw up, though there were a couple times I thought I might. I spent today napping and reading. I was definitely quite nauseous in the first half of the day, then got better by degrees and have eaten light, basic foods in small amounts.


Tonight ds became nauseous. The key difference is that he has thrown up twice. He's asleep now.


We have co-op tomorrow. It's our second time ever in a new co-op. My dd is supposed to perform tomorrow night in a play with this co-op--she is stepping in for two students who are no longer involved with the group. The co-op is nearly an hour's drive away (we're involved because we're moving to the area).


Do I just pull the plug? 3 of us have had this virus--do I assume that dd will get sick as well?


If ds sleeps all night and feels better in the morning, do we go to co-op? Assuming dd isn't sick?


If ds is not well enough to go, but dd IS still well, do I send her to co-op without me? She can study at her grandmother's house until class time.


Will our brand new co-op friends be angry with us for exposing them to our germs?


If there wasn't this silly play I would just not go tomorrow. I'm really not sure what to do.

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I would play it safe. If your dd is still well, send her to co-op and let her study at her grandmother's house until class time. If she gets sick before co-op, at least she will be at her grandmother's house.


I'm also concerned that the new co-op friends will be angry if we expose them to our germs. :tongue_smilie:

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I'm also concerned that the new co-op friends will be angry if we expose them to our germs. :tongue_smilie:


If your DD feels perfectly well, then let her go. We have plenty of times around here that the boys get sick, and my DD is fine. Your DD doesn't perform until tomorrow night, right? Well, if she's going to come down with something, she will likely at least start to feel sick before then.


I would warn her though, that if she has even a tiny symptom, she has to speak up because you do not want her throwing up onstage.


Maybe you ought to call whoever is in charge of the play. You don't want your DD to have to back out at the Last Minute with no warning.


Don't send anyone who has been sick today, though.


I hate dilemmas like this. It reminds me of all the times we planned to go camping and then heavy rain is forecast. If we don't go because of the weather, it is sunny the whole time. If we go anyway, it pours.

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