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Are there any sturdy mechanical pencils?

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I just bought a Sharpie Liquid Pencil. It's a little draggy, meaning it isn't 100% smooth, but otherwise I really like it. It's fully erasable, I believe, for 24 hours after writing (it does dry at some point) and does not use lead. I looks a little inky, you can't shade it or anything, but it's a nice alternative to a mechanical pencil.

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We use these. Kind of pricey, but they last forever.







My littlest (just turned 5yo) uses this exact pencil.


My older two use the .9mm Pentel Sharp (yellow barrel), which I decided to try upon seeing recommendations from this board. They are pricey but have held up much better than any other pencils we've used. I don't like the tiny erasers they have, so we use this pencil in tandem with the Clic Eraser, also from Pentel.

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I bought my son a Pilot Color Eno Mechanical Pencil, and it is pretty nice.




The color lead is so-so. Breaks a lot when he uses it (not so much for me, but he presses harder, apparently); color is very nice. I am mostly having him use some ultra-strong lead, Uni-ball Shu (sold at Jet Pens), in HB, to reduce snappage (is that word?). I purposely bought a 0.7 mm lead pencil too, not the normal 0.5.


I have a ton of old mechanical pencils (easily 15-20 years old) from Sanrio, Morning Glory, and other Asian brands (cost $1-2 each), and I just recently had the inner mechanics of one die. The rest are still going strong.

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I found these while in college and won't use anything else now.


My dh just brought home a pack of these last week from Sams! He said he was tired of smooshing plastic mechanical pencils when he stepped on them, LOL. I am hoping they last longer--so far, so good!

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