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Need suggestions for substituting for the 4 year old co-op teacher who is ill (xpost)

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I was just called to substitute for the 4 year old class because the teacher is ill. The class is TOMORROW from (9 am - 12 noon EST). I know she normally does activities surrounding one (or two) of the alphabet. I believe the next letters would be I and J. Then, she reads a book and does an activity. They have a snack time, and she does a math activity. Any recommendations or websites that would be of help?! Please pass them along!

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I think you could do it all with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. 1) all 4 year olds love it and can hear it over and over in sillier voices 2) it has I and J in it 3) kids can act it out and not have to sit and get twitchy 4) you can count the letters and the number of letters in each group, or on each page 5) the art is simple and kids can do their own versions of the coconut tree.


Myson used to put a book on his head and splay his feet out to be and I. For J, he left the book in place and turned his truck to the right and made a big deal over curling up his toes.



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