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anyone done any of the online classes with currclick?


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I'm considering a cooking class for my 2 girls (4&6) the "open house" is tomorrow, and I'm hoping it's going to be something worthwhile and fun.


anyone done any of the other ones? I'm thinking it could be a good change of pace to get some extras in. I noticed they also have a mandarin chinese class, lego clubs, etc.

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Yes, we have. Some have been a complete waste others a jackpot. I haven't tried the cooking one. I like liveonlinemath the best by far. Second best are science Jim (wish more high schoolers would sign up so that he'd schedule a high school class again) & grammar hour. I did a free German intro. That class might end up being good.


thanks! I'm going to look into the science one. Is there much prep? I'm sure dd1 would enjoy that.

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