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Slow cooker question

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My mom bought me a small slow cooker for Christmas (3.5 qts), and it came with a cover that has a hole in it. According to the Hamilton Beach website, this type of cover is used for temperature probes that are placed through the cover while cooking. I have contacted HB to see if this will affect my cooking ability. My mom doesn't have the receipt anymore, so I can't return it.


Have you ever tried to cook your meal with a cover such as this without the temp. probe? I'm worried about losing too much moisture.

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I haven't used this kind, but can you just plug the hole somehow? A piece of tape or a tiny twist of fabric or something?


For what it's worth, I HAVE used a crock with a lid that didn't sit flat on the lip of the crock, so steam escaped out both ends (which I didn't discover until I burned my hand on it :glare:). It never affected the cooking of food at all.

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I have one with a small hole in the lid for a temp probe. It also came with the temp probe. However, I do many recipes without the aid of temp probe and I don't plug the hole. I never thought about it before. I have never plugged the hole. I haven't had anything not turn out, except yesterday. I slightly burned a recipe I've used before, but this time I used the high temp setting instructions for the recipe rather than the low temp which I've previously used. Mine is a 5 quart. Maybe I'm just lucky. I use my slow cooker weekly.


I'd just start using it. If you are worried you could add a small amount more liquid than your recipe calls for.

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