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Anyone have experience with Naturally Slim?

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My husband's company is offering it to employees. The deal they're offering is that it will be free to sign up and complete the program but they'll have to pay a %age (more then half) of the cost if they drop out.


I'm not sure they'll choose my husband b/c he might be a bit over his ideal but he's not fat by any means. He looks good. He thinks he might get in b/c 1) he thinks he's about 20 lb overweight, 2)the app asks if applicants are on cholesterol med and he is, 3) applicants are asked if they are on dr. prescribed vitamins and he is (vit d). Anyway, he's hoping he'll be chosen. I am if he wants it and since he access the class at home and I can follow along if I want.


I'd like to know if anyone has had any experience with this. Is it a respectable program or a silly gimmick. I tend to think not a gimmick since it's offered thru his wk but you never know.


I'd love to hear from anyone.

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