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Would anyone like to pray for our ladies' Beth Moore study for the next 10 wks? CC

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Some of you have provided prayer coverage in the past for us. It would be greatly appreciated for this new go 'round.

We are doing Esther.


I've already experienced a little warfare--could use the prayer.


These are the names of the women I think are coming--





Pat D





Edwardene ("Eddie")


Pat S






Later we'll be joined by Kelly.


We might also have Mary, Cynthia, and Heather--special prayers for Mary to be able to come, as she is very dear and has experienced some despair.


Pm me if you want--

There's no compensation 'cept a jewel in your crown! LOL


Seriously, I'd be honored if you'd commit to praying for us--or even do a one-timer. :D

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Thank you, Jean.


BTW, Mary wrote me an email yesterday saying she wants to come--but she hadn't seen the 3 weeks worth of notices or the main notice, so didn't know.


Already one can't come this am (phone call) b/c of a prior obligation she forgot about.


Pray specifically that everyone else doesn't have obstacles placed in their way...

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I'll pray and just wanted to say that I hope you're doing the videos too. At least session 4 and 5. I downloaded those so I can watch them over and over. Particularly session 4. It really was a game changer for me.


The first few weeks were not super mindblowing, but those 2 were amazing.


I hope God blesses your time together!

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Thanks so much!

It went very well. We had 15 there, and have 6 more who will be coming in the next few weeks.


I've heard so much about dvd #4--I'll have to watch it! I do watch them ahead of time, and then during the study--I'm a slow learner and need to see things several times! :D


Oh, and Mary is definitely coming! :hurray:

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