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HELP! Craft supplies are taking over my life (or closet!)

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How the heck do I organize this stuff? My 7 year old is very much a crafty girl. Her stuff is taking over my closet though..and not in a neat way. We are overflowing with puff balls, craft sticks, paints, pipe cleaners, pearler beads, mosaic tiles, etc. How the heck do I organize it all so that she can easily access it and try to keep it neat? It's just really all thrown into my hs closet right now. NOT FUN!





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We're not natural here ;), and store all the tiny stuff in those plastic Ziploc or Glad containers. All of my kids' supplies are in a kitchen cabinet sort of arranged by genre (painting and crayons on the bottom shelf, paper organized by color on the shelf above with scissors, etc.). I keep all my personal stuff in two closets (I know...it's crazy). The smaller stuff is in a dresser in one closet. All the fabric and sewing related stuff are in giant Rubbermaid tubs in the other closet.


One thing that has worked out great for my sewing notions is keeping them in a carrying case that was designed to hold nuts, bolts, and other tiny things like that. It was a hand me down from my husband and I love it.


Even with all my bins though, things are still a mess. It's a constant work in progress around here. :D

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It's my scrapbook stuff, but I have the same problem. I use a lot of the cardboard photo boxes from craft stores like Michael's/Hobby Lobby. They go on sale often so you can wait and buy them when there is a sale or use a coupon when they aren't. :) They come in different designs or you can get solid colors. My craft room was all black and white so my boxes are all white. They have label holders that help identify what each holds. I use a lot of zip lock baggies to hold smaller/like items inside each box. They stack nicely, too.

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We use transparent shoe boxes from Target.

I like them because:

-you can see what's in them with out having to open it (from any direction)

-everything looks tidy if the lid can still snap on :001_smile:

-they stack nicely

-printed labels work easily



I separate them by basic craft supplies, ribbons and lace, fabric scraps, sewing supplies, adhesives, beads, yarns, felting wools, etc.

Each box doesn't have to be perfectly organized (which is more than most kids can manage), it's just nice to have them in the right box (more or less).

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