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What are the nutritional differences between wild, brown, and jasmine rice?

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My family really does not like brown rice unless it's heavily mixed with a lot of other veggies, meats, and sauces and even then, they just tolerate it.


They love Jasmine but I'm not certain if it is of any nutritional value and they also like wild rice. I have a receipt for asparagus, chicken, and wild rice casserole but I'm wondering what the value of adding the rice is other than just possibly filler. Which, I'm feeding three eating machines, so filler isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I kind of dislike adding empty calories just for the sake of empty calories.


Does wild rice have any fiber? I'm too lazy to go research this.




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I don't have an answer for you, but wanted to add Basmati to the list for any nutrition experts out there. Is it a white rice? Does it have fiber? It is our favorite rice so I hope so. :bigear:


It depends on whether you serve brown Basmati or white. All rice starts out as brown rice. The amount and type of processing it receives determines the nutritional content of the end product. Some white rices are enriched, meaning that some of the nutrients stripped in the processing are replaced. These varieties usually specify "do not rinse" on the packaging.


If your family will eat brown rice, serve brown rice. My family will only eat it if it is hidden. Thus I use brown rice when I make Spanish rice, but use white Basmati or Jasmine when I make Indian dishes.

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I would try different types. Carolina long grain brown is what my mother got us to love. I love brown basmati (Trader Joes is pricey but tasty), the Lundberg brothers have blends. Wild rice isn't rice at all.


For my son, I over cook it a bit and then air it well before storing, and I cook it in vegan chicken broth (Frontier brand) with some olive oil or butter in it. He doesn't have to think about calories, the lucky and skinny dog.


Spanish rice is good with brown, and actually, JOC ratatouille over brown basmati is heavenly.

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