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Bee pollen . . . apparently its good for you but it tastes horrible.

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Does anyone here eat it and have any suggestions for making it more palatable? I splurged and bought a jar (its not exactly cheap here) so I don't want to waste it.


Yesterday I put it on my oatmeal. I can see how it can help you loose weight . . . it took me an hour to eat my breakfast because it tasted so bad :).


Any ideas?

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I had no idea this is something people could eat, so I started googling..


some cautions here


I don't know...it looks like another one of those "eat this miracle food and it fixes everything!!" money grabs that come along frequently. Or maybe I'm just naturally skeptical of these things.


I respect and share your skepticism :). I am trying to follow an "eating clean" diet and decided I would buy one jar as a starter boost. I'm not sure if I will buy more.

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