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Literature Based Busy-Work


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I want something to keep my littles busy for an hour or two. I need it to be based on books... I don't want to lose my mind in busy-ness but I have three kiddos at the EXACT same level right now and I don't have anything great (and PLANNED) for them to do during our preschool time.


They've had some phonics instruction, almost know their ABC's, two of them can count, all know their colors, shapes, etc. They are capable of sitting still. I don't like worksheets but wouldn't mind one or two just as busy-work.


I'd be looking at this as practice for sitting still more or less.


I need:


Laid out plans for each day.

Literature based.

Preferably with Bible plans in it.


I'd like to add that I am first in line in FIRMLY believing that little ones don't need structured school time. That said, this mama's heart WANTS to be demanded to sit down and do something structured with these little ones each day. But often, because we don't have something planned, it doesn't get done, kwim? I need something utterly brainless for me so that I have my excuse to sit down with them. :D


I'm debating between My Father's World and Heart of Dakota.


We own TOG but I don't want to do it for my Pre-K/K level kiddos.


The children are 2.5yog (about 4yo mentally), 4.5yog (about 4-5 yo mentally), and 6yob (but about 4-5 mentally/emotionally.) They are of VERY similar ability.

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I have two very different suggestions for you.

The easiest is Literature pockets or Nursery Rhyme mini books. These are fantastic for literature busy work. Quick to implement - the stories are included for the lower levels along with the activities. All you have to do is photocopy the pages you need and then read the story and let the littles do the work. Easy peasy. They get to cut, color, paste and share ideas in response to literature.


The other idea is the Memoria Press K. Since you already have the basics, you can just do the bible, memory and story parts. There is a read aloud book for each week with activities. They schedule poetry, music and art appreciation into the week. The books are a good mix of science type books, biographical books, poetic books and books with just a good story. For example, there are books about Washington and Lincoln schedule near Presidents day. There is a book about a groundhog scheduled for the beginning of Feb. along with some science activities related to shadows and memory work about seasons.


The literature pockets will give you simple paper busywork. The MP K will give scheduled stories and simple activities but not paperwork.

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