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Child has redness on cheek

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It is probably chapped and if he is like my youngest son, once his mouth gets chapped, then he's constantly running his tongue over the spot or licking his lips which makes it worse. This might sound odd, but one thing that has worked here is to rub vitamin e oil into the chapped spot and then cover with a little bit of honey. Now, it is work to convince this younger that he should not lick the honey off. But, it seems to be a very efficient cure. I also force a lot more water and juice down anyone with chapped lips, corners of the mouth, end of nose, or cheeks. It's a sign of dehydration because the winter air is soooooo dry.



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Around here, that's one of our non-specific sick kid signs, especially when it is just one cheek. But my younger daughter's right cheek has been a little red for several days now, and she's not showing any other signs of being sick. She does have chapped lips though, so I'm thinking her cheek is just wind chapped.

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Does it look like a puffy rash or is it dry and just lays on the cheek and is dry and not elevated? My DCs have had just one red check several times in the winter. They just have sensitive skin and so it drys up during this time of year. We use Aquafor to clear it up. If it looks like a rash, then it's most likey Fifth Disease.

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