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I need great ideas!

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Many of you may remember that I started a homeschool co-op for missionary kids here in Guatemala. It's been going so well and we have new families starting up this week! YAY!


I want to do something for the moms. They work so hard--YOU all know what I mean--giving to their families, serving the people and ministries here in Guatemala, taking care of things in a culture that works against you in the simplest things. They do it all with sometimes very little support and they rarely complain. They really are amazing women! I admire them.


I want to give them a retreat. There isn't anything like that here. I would love to get a speaker, but, I couldn't afford to pay for their transportation here, although I could offer them free room and board. I would love to pamper them--books, treats, etc--but, again I need to keep it simple, financially and many of them aren't able to pay much for a retreat since they truly live on missionary budgets.


Any ideas? I could use some creativity! What would you all appreciate?


Thank you!

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Hmm. How about looking into whether a "speaker" of your choice would be willing to and could do a web chat or teleconference type thing instead of a live appearance?


If that works out, how about turning that into a "mom's night" kind of thing where they can have the cyber-speaker talk and Q and A, and then just have adult conversation. Play a game- even something silly like Charades. Share some snacks (or host an inexpensive spaghetti dinner). An adult beverage if that's your thing.


It's nice of you to want to do something for them!

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Approximately how many moms are you talking about?


Could you do anything on natural local herbs to make relaxing bath soaks or other "beauty" products such as lotions with? Perhaps a nice CD of music with a local with a nice voice reading various Scriptures to meditate on throughout it?


If all of the ladies have access to the internet, perhaps you could round up a series of interesting websites that would be of interest and save them the time of having to search them all out themselves.


Maybe hang a few hammocks and give everyone at least 30 minutes of down time to swing and contemplate the insides of their eyelids?

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Instead of a speaker, how about a video teaching series? Or perhaps arrange for someone to teach via Skype?


As for treats--why not put your oldest dd in charge of cooking? Good experience for her, fits with her goals, and lovely gourmet stuff for the ladies. Perhaps another teen or two could be her assistant. Make it Really Official, document it, and put it on your teen's transcript.

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