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How would *you* fill this history gap for an 8th grader?


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Due to a variety of circumstances, we only completed a little over 1/2 of MFW RTR. This year, we are doing MFW Exploration to 1850.


We took a fall break this year in order to remodel a house and move, so we are just now getting going with Expl-1850.


I have an 8th grader this year, who will be completing Expl-1850 with us. My plan for her next year is to begin MFW High School with their Ancients year.


So, she has a bit of a gap from the RTR year and she will have an uncovered period from 1850-present. She is an avid reader, so I would *love* if there was a great book, hopefully from a Christian perspective, that would bridge the gaps. And, please, I don't want to get into a discussion as to what "Christian perspective" means. No offense intended. But, in the past I have posted questions with that type of terminology that went off on a tangent and my question never got answered.


What about the Grueber books? I've heard great things about these books, but haven't actually seen them myself. I am open for ideas.


ETA: I'm not really meaning great literature...but, more a book that gives a general idea of the missing time periods...hopefully written in a captivating way.


Thanks so much! :001_smile:

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Yes, if you just want to fill in gaps in the thread of history, Guerber books would work. There are unedited versions free online, and minorly edited ones (ed. by Christine Miller) available from Nothing New Press.


There are other options, too - would Streams of Civilization I & II work? I don't know if those take you all the way up to modern times or if it's at an appropriate level for 8th gr. Spielvogel's Western Civilization would be quite a jump up, but is used in Veritas Press' 7th & 8th gr. recommendations.


You might also check out A Living History of Our World by Angela Odell - I haven't seen it but I have it in my notes as a "Christian history spine" to look at for logic stage.

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Story of the World is more of a neutral perspective, but it might work for you, if you have time to discuss some topics with her. Or listen to the audio together.


There are also The Story of the World series written by MB Synge. You can get them free for the printing on mainlesson.com, or buy copies from their publishing arm - ah, boo. Drawing a blank. But if you look on the mainlesson website, you can find it. I think there are 5 volumes in that series; you would probably start somewhere in vol 2 (Discovery of New Worlds) for the part of history you missed from RTR.


I haven't used the Guerber books, but there are a couple of other things you can check out.




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CLP has a couple books that would be perfect for this.






The one is their Story of the Middle Ages. It's concise and would be just enough. The other is an american history book from them. It has a lot of modern, would again be efficient, and takes a christian perspective. CSOA is both too young and skims modern (1850-modern). This next book goes through it in more detail. Guerber doesn't go into modern, so I don't see how it helps you.


Alternately, you could have her read Hakim, perhaps only reading the selections that correspond to the VP 1850-modern cards.


Don't make it hard. The CLP books really are quite nice for what they are. My dd finds them thought-provoking and memorable.

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OhElizabeth, thank you very much.


I think the Story of the Middle Ages is perfect. I have a few of the CLP books and I like the way they are written.


We'll be using Exploring American History this year for MFW. I'll just have her finish the book over the summer to catch her up to date.


Thank you. An easy and perfect solution! Yay!

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