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We lost Editor in Chief book!

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We were supposed to go to my mom's on Thanksgiving break. We were going to take some work with us. We ended up not going and since then my ds's 'Critical Thinking: Editor in Chief' book has been missing! :glare: I'm going out of my mind trying to find this. I'm upset because it is so good and the fact that my mom bought it for us.


Where could this be?


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Look in any outside pockets of luggage. My daughter lost her ipod that way for a year and a half! It was a rolling carry-on bag with outside zip pockets that she usually used to hold her Barbies. We emptied out to pack for grandma's and evidently she stuck her ipod in the outer pocket. Being small and thin, it got missed when she unpacked and repacked the Barbies in the case. We only found it when we were getting rid of the case and I stuck my hand in all the pockets. Editor in Chief is thin enough that it might not be noticeable from the outside.


My other suggestion is to look up. My husband is a good bit taller than me and is notorious for sticking things on top of bookcases, etc "just for a minute" where I then can't see them. He forgets what he was doing and leaves them there, and we spend forever looking for whatever it was.

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