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Complete Rod and Staff vs. Abeka


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I am torn for 4th and 6th grade.


We've used Rod and Staff for years. I own all the books for all the subjects except for consumable workbooks. Next year would be minimal cost for me to go with 4th & 6th Rod and Staff for every subject. I actually like using Rod and Staff (well, I don't love their Social Studies, but it's ok). It is set up in a way that makes sense to me. The children don't complain (much).


But I eye Abeka and think: how colorful! how interesting! how new (compared to Rod and Staff)! But I also think: how expensive!!


Is it worth me switching to Abeka just for the colorful texts? Would I be gaining anything academically? Is Abeka more educational than Rod and Staff? Am I just suffering the greener grass syndrome?:confused:


I can't believe I am even considering Abeka. I always steered away from it because:

1. It seems to have too many components

2. They revise so often, I think it's a marketing ploy to keep people buying their books.

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Can I give a suggestion?


Stick with R&S for math and language arts.


Look at buying Abeka science through Christian Liberty Press. It saves you having to deal with Abeka and CLP makes their own TM's and tests which means you buy a lot less "stuff".




It doesn't help you though if you are looking for an alternate history. CLP uses their own resources for History and it is Reformed versus Anabaptist.


Oh, and I'll add. The 4th Grade R&S Geography book was one of our FAVORITE books. We had a wonderful year. We used it as a jumping off point for the study of those countries. You could probably combine your 4th and 6th grader and just have the 6th grader do more intensive study/research reports, etc.

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